Review of Ghostbed Mattress for 2021 (Completed Overview & Discount)

Ghostbed is a brand supported by Nature’s Sleep Company, but it stands on its own feet, with its unique products. This means that the products are designed using the experience and data from a more powerful company, but the target public is different. Grab your Ghostbed deal below!

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This brand is targeting people who like the idea of buying a mattress online, without the hassle of a showroom browse. It’s also aiming at people who don’t have huge budgets to spend on a bed, but would love to get high-quality for their money.

Overall, the two products they promote feature good characteristics, and you can read more about it in our review below. Still, if you don’t have the time to get the in-depth version, here’s the summary.

You’ll Really Find Ghostbed Mattress a Great Fit If

  • You like the latex-like feeling – Ghostbed Classic has a natural bouncy feeling that keeps you on top of the layers, instead of sinking into the surface. It’s also complemented with a bit of contouring and softness, which makes the feeling a medium-firmness.
  • You don’t like sleeping hot – Equipped with several cooling systems, this bed is not going to sleep hot regardless of the environmental temperature.
  • You’re interested in choosing your own level of firmness – Ghostbed only offers two models right now, but it is still a choice you can make, as opposed to brands that feature the one-size-fits-all concept.
  • You want a mattress designed by a reliable manufacturer – While the brand only has 15 years on the market, it is supported by Nature’s Sleep Company, which is more famous and has more experience than most other producers in the market.

You’ll Not Find Ghostbed a Great Fit If

  • You need the memory foam sinking feel – It’s important to keep in mind that these surfaces feature a latex-like feeling, with some degree of sinking (more in the Luxe version). However, both are responsive and don’t give that traditional viscoelastic feeling of slow response and softness.
  • You’re looking for green surface mattresses – While it uses latex and all foams follow the latest environmental regulations, Ghostbed is not a green mattress. The materials inside are manmade to feature durability and longevity.

Our Overview of Layers & Construction

Overview of Construction and Layers

The perfect balance between soft and firm is obtained through a combination of three types of foam as it follows:

  • 5 inches of HD foam – for added support, durability, and sturdiness.
  • 2 inches of Proprietary Memory Foam – The Ghostbed formula has larger cells that allow the air to move freely.
  • 5 inches of Latex foam – This sheet of foam is aerated (meaning, there are small holes punched in the foam to keep the airflow constant) and naturally flexible for extra comfort.

The structure above shows the arrangement of foams from bottom to the top, with the latex layer being the first one underneath the cover. Speaking of which, the cover adds to the general soft feeling through a blend of polyester and viscose, providing a thin, plush layer that is breathable and stretchy.

The novelty of the arrangement is that the latex is positioned first, over the memory foam layer. This way, the surface remains bouncy and firm while also being contouring and soft.

It’s important to note that all the foam beds used are CertiPUR-US certified, but the mattress has some off-gassing that will go away in a few hours from when you unpack it. It’s a normal reaction, and it shows up on all products that contain man-made materials that we reviewed.

Ratings of Firmness

Ghostbed is not big on the one-size-fits-all-approach, so they created two different versions of firmness. However, none of the two mattresses supports is soft, so if this is what you’re looking for, it may not be working with Ghostbed.

Classic – Firmness Level: 7/10

When we did the review for the Classic model, it took a while to get used to the latex feel. For the first two or three days, the mattress did feel a bit firmer than usual, but after this, the surface broke in, and it accommodated to our body shape.

So yes, it takes a bit to accommodate the surface, but the design is actually contouring and supporting. The latex molds to your needs, provides lumbar support and good spine alignment, and the memory foam underneath is the secret ingredient to a special type of softness that shows up in time.

Overall, this model is best preferred by back and stomach sleepers for the combination of support and softness it provides.

Luxe – Firmness Level: 6/10

The second model available from Ghostbed is completely different than the Classic and offers a medium-firm feeling.

Starting with the special cover made with Ice Fabric (a Japanese practice where cooling properties are woven into the fibers) and continuing with the rich inner-structure, this design features more focus on coolness (with memory foam and cooling fibers woven into the cover), softness (with two layers of memory foam on top), and support (with a bouncy latex-like sheet of foam as base).

Since it is softer than the Classic version, Luxe is a better choice for most side sleepers. It offers more contouring and sinkage than the first.

The Results on Airflow & Cooling

The cover, the sheet of latex, and the gel memory foam work together on creating a well-ventilated surface in the Classic Ghostbed design. Actually, the latex is strategically positioned first in order to keep the sleeper cool at all times (this material doesn’t retain heat).

On the Luxe design, the manufacturer worked harder to keep the surface cool, provided that he had to work with more layers of foam than in the Classic model. For this, the cover is merged with cooling fibers and foams, and there are two different layers of viscoelastic working hard to ventilate the rows underneath.

In both cases, the design is a success as all sleepers (us during the review and other owners who posted online reviews) feel comfortable and no one complained about overheating.

Edge Support

Mattress Edge and Support Reviewed

Both versions are all-foam designs, with decent edge support, and will keep their shape when the sleeper is lying on the surface. There will be no rolling off sensation and no deep compression when you get closer to the edge.

Still, because there’s only foam inside, the edge will compress when you sit on it – this is normal, and it happens to all designs that don’t feature special reinforcement around the sides.


  • 101 nights sleep trial for all mattresses – The best way to test out a product is in the comfort of your home, while you check if it applies to your needs. Ghostbed knows this, which is why they offer this lengthy trial time. They know you, and the bed needs time to get accustomed to each other.
  • Covered for 20 years – Through warranty, the manufacturer tells you they trust their product, and you should buy it without worrying about any defects showing up after purchase. Not to mention that Ghostbed is covered for 20 years, the double of the standard warranty period for these kinds of products!
  • Free shipping, free returns, 100% money back guarantee – The package is sent to you for free to your doorstep; you get to send it back for free (if you want to), and you get your money back. No return fee, no hidden charges, no problems!
  • Quality supported by experience – Ghostbed is a brand supported by the more famous Nature’s Sleep Company. This shows it has an experienced, well-established team behind that is trustworthy.

Overview of Ghostbed Mattress Review & Rating

9.1 Total Score
Impressive Design

Even though both surfaces tend to be more on the firm side, the experience is like sleeping on a cloud. The unique combination of foams in Ghostbed is just right to keep you well-supported and flying over all the layers.

Materials / Quality
Support / Comfort
Cooling Effect
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Value / Cost / Price
Brand Warranty
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The idea that fueled this brand was to create a platform where customers could find their favorite sleeping surface without going through the usual hassle you find in a showroom. The manufacturer wanted people to simply browse products from the comfort of their home, choose, and order without dealing with things like materials, density, thickness, and so on.

That was 15 years ago, when Ghostbed just started, and the online mattress industry was not booming as it is today. However, the fact that they are still on the market nowadays, when a new online bed store opens every day, it shows they have what it takes to go in the long run.

We were convinced while reviewing that the authenticity of their claims during the Classic version review, and we’re happy to say they deserve your attention. The company is transparent, friendly, and their products are amazing and follow the latest standards of quality.

As they promise, the Classic snooze surface is accommodating, naturally bouncy, and keeps you cool at night. It’s also good for pressure relief, and keeps your spine aligned exactly the way you need it to be. It features comfort and a perfect balance between soft and firm.

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