Our Review of Koala Mattress for 2021 (Promo Listed)

Koala Mattress is an Australian brand that vouched to completely change the regular, joint-aching sleep experience into a wonderful, relaxing, activity.

The product is an all-foam surface, but it stands out from the crowd due to the innovative material used for the top layer. This type of foam is both bouncy and contouring and provides close-to-perfect motion isolation. Even more, the layers are not dense in structure, which allows air to move up and down, into an effective cooling system.

We were more than curious to test this revolutionary material, so we did a detailed review of the Koala (read everything about it below). We also have the short version, so check our summary here if you’re in a hurry.

You Should Pick Koala Mattress If

  • You need that sweet spot between firm and soft – Koala’s materials are specially created to provide sleepers with both contouring and support, so there will be some sinkage, but only enough to provide comfort.
  • You like designer foams and innovative materials – Producers today have a plethora of choices when it comes to creating their own materials. While they all start from the idea behind viscoelastic, most aim to get an airy surface, that’s supportive and soft.
  • You need a low-maintenance surface – No one likes to be on the lookout all the time, right? Koala knows this which is why they added a removable cover that can be machine washed. If an accident should happen, you simply get the cover off, and you wash it.
  • You share the bed with a partner or pet – You may be a starfish who likes to have the entire surface, but when you share the bed with someone else, you have to do some compromises. Koala stops the compromise at the space you share with a revolutionary motion control system that absorbs the movement without sending it to the other side of the bed.
  • You want to test before purchase – Because designers behind Koala know how important a test before purchase is, they partnered with Myer so you can enjoy the Koala experience before buying the product.

You Should Not Pick Koala Bed If

  • Your heart is set on a memory foam surface – It may be an all-foam construction, but the Koala is definitely not a viscoelastic product! The surface is bouncy, and it instantly reacts to every move you make.
  • You feel a high-quality bed should have more layers – The devil is in the details with Koala! There may be just two layers, but the one on top comes with features from several types of foam. So, you’ll feel like sleeping on a multi-layer snooze surface.
  • You don’t like the idea of bed-in-a-box – The concept is old news already and many companies who sell exclusively online use it. It saves money on transportation, and it makes your job a lot easier once it reaches your doorstep. Even more, it’s perfectly safe!

The Layers and Materials

The Materials Reviewed

Koala is designed with only two inner layers, but the producers considered the quality of the materials more important than the quantity. So, even though the inner-structure is not rich, it doesn’t mean it won’t do a fantastic job in providing sleepers with a wonderful experience.

The top layer is made of a material called Kloudcell, a unique type of foam with an open-cell structure that allows air to move through the entire surface. This is the comfort layer in the Koala and provides users with the ultimate sleeping comfort.

The feeling is a combination of memory foam and latex, but without the heat problems and deep sinking problems of the first. Koala managed to strike the perfect balance between the bounciness of latex and contouring of viscoelastic, with an impressive result. During our review, we had several people, with different preferences test this feel, and they all agree, it’s very close to perfection.

The second layer is also the base and is made of high-density regular foam. This provides the entire bed with support and durability and helps in keeping your spine well-aligned.

Finally, both foam layers are encased in a breathable cover, that’s soft to touch and breathable. We also loved the stylish design, with blue side panels, from a more resistant material, that confer some extra protection.

Firmness vs. Softness Scale Rating

Koala – Firmness Level: 6/10

It is customary for brands that only provide one snooze surface to make it fit the not too soft and not too firm scale. Koala is in the same category, which is why we wouldn’t recommend it to sensitive side sleepers who have problems with limbs numbing while sleeping.

While reviewing it, we tested several positions, but back and stomach sleepers enjoyed it the most. Side sleepers liked it too, but the surface will be best for people who like to switch positions. It’s also true that Koala features Zero Disturbance technology which means you can sleep next to a restless partner and you won’t be disturbed (the foam absorbs all the motion).

Sleeping Temperature Analysis

Airflow in Bed

Because the Kloudcell (designer foam used for the layer on top) has an open-cell structure, both sheets of foam are able to breathe. The result is quite nice, as you won’t feel any extra heat during the night.

Even more, because there are only two layers of foam, the mattress doesn’t contain too much glue, which is good for keeping the sleeper dry and cozy.

Edge Support

Sleeping Temp

The designer foam on top is a combination of latex and viscoelastic, so it is bouncy and can withstand compression. However, when you sit on the edge, the surface will lose some shape, because there is no special reinforcement.

So, edge support is not fantastic, but you won’t feel like rolling out of bed every time you get close to the edge. When you are completely lying down, the surface remains solid and supportive.


  • Comes rolled up in a box – True to the online bed concept, it is compressed, rolled up and then delivered to your doorstep.
  • Free shipping & returns for all beds – You don’t have to worry about extra costs, regardless of the situation.
  • 120-night trial period – Yes, you can test the surface in a store, before purchase, but you can also test it at home, for 120 nights!
  • 10-year warranty on all mattresses – Covers any design flaws or manufacturing malfunctions.
  • The company cares about the environment – The team behind is young and driven, but they also want to help the less-fortunate creatures. For now, they send you a symbolic adoption of a koala bear through the WWF with each mattress.

Overview of Koala Mattress Review & Rating

9.3 Total Score
Innovation & Quality

New materials are wonderfully impressive these days and we loved Kloudcell for its wonderful combination of firm and soft! This is a wonderful snooze surface for anyone looking for value.

Materials / Quality
Support / Comfort
Cooling Effect
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Value / Cost / Price
Brand Warranty
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Koala brand is new, and the team behind is young, but this can be an advantage for the client. Because they are new to the game, they tend to look for new angles that can help their product stand out from the crowd and improve the sleep experience.

They did a fantastic job with the first bed, as they designed a foam material that keeps cool absorbs movement and provides the sleeper with both contouring and firmness. We love reviewing mattresses like this, it’s simple, but the result is astonishing! Not to mention, the Koala mattress is elegant and can be used on any type of surface (it doesn’t need a special frame).

At the end of the day, if you want a hassle-free buying experience and an innovative product, this brand should be on your list!

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