Detailed Review of Nectar Mattress (Promo Code Below)

For a company that claims they’ve built the perfect mattress, Nectar comes at a surprisingly affordable price. But, according to the producer, this is the surface for which big dreams are made. They may be new on the market, but they are growing rapidly and for a good reason!

The features are indeed impressive: advanced fabric technology, modern construction techniques, and an optimal level of firmness and comfort. But are they real? To test things out, we did a thorough review and the result is promising.

If you want to know more, continue reading. Of course, we also have the short version; the summary is available here.

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You May Really Enjoy Nectar Mattress If You

  • Love memory foam with a bit of kick – Nectar features two layers of gel memory foam, which is great for keeping things cool but also a bit firmer than regular viscoelastic.
  • Are bothered by pressure points – Mattresses that are too firm, or don’t actually consider your needs, will create pressure points with areas in the body that are heavier (knees, butt, hips, or shoulders). But with Nectar, this doesn’t happen because the surface adapts to your needs – This is also why everyone can feel relaxed on this bed – it accommodates almost every position.
  • Don’t like viscoelastic on hot summer nights – This is where the gel shows its importance! Because Nectar comes with gel infusions, the air will flow unhindered, and you’ll feel amazing even when it’s 90 degrees outside.
  • Want a sound sleep – Do you sleep with a restless partner? Nectar mattress is specially designed to offer perfect movement isolation. This means your partner can move as much as they like, you won’t feel most of it.
  • Need a company that’s sure of their product – Considering the forever warranty that the 365-night trial period we don’t believe there’s room for any more support for their product.
  • You want a product that works with all frames – The only requirement is to place it on a solid surface (it may as well be the floor) that supports the entire surface.

You May Not Enjoy Nectar Bed If You

  • Want the foam to react instantly – Because the top layers are improved viscoelastic, there is not an extremely fast response to your actions. The surface does react, but in a gentle and soft manner. It’s not upsetting, but if you really need something firmer, see our full guide here.
  • Need the push-back of an innerspring – The surface and its inner-structure are completely made of foam (different types, but still foam). So no, this is not a bouncy mattress. (We did an in-depth analysis of innerspring mattresses if you like to learn more about bouncier surfances).
  • Are set on a natural surface – Yes, natural is a fantastic choice, but it’s also quite expensive! If the budget allows it, you should follow your heart. However, you should know that the lack of natural fibers doesn’t affect the level of quality in the Nectar mattress.

What is the Bed Made Out Of?

Nectar Sleep Layers

Nectar is a memory foam mattress, but inside is not just one big piece of foam. The inner structure has several layers of foam, of different densities, to make sure everyone feels comfortable and your back is supported in almost any position. (Interested in just foam construction? See our new picks here).

At the top, there are two layers of foam: one QUILTED GEL memory foam and one GEL memory foam.

The first layer is also the first responsible for taking the heat away from your body and redistributing it through the mattress’s surface.

  • The second layer is 3 inches thick and it’s a bit firmer, providing sleepers that ‘just right’ feeling. This is possible due to Lush Foam, a special material, with semi-open structure and one of the best available gel foams on the market. You’ll usually find it in medical facilities, where patients need to stay in bed for long periods of time without losing comfort. This layer is characterized by responsiveness and heat distribution.

The third layer and the one that connects the top to the base is made of Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam. Here is where the back support happens, because the foam is bouncy and dense, and why the Nectar bed is so great at pressure point relief.

Finally, the base is equipped with dense foam that’s also breathable. The base breathes through special channels and has a 2.2+ ILD rating, which is unusual for this layer (most mattresses use 1.5 ILD). While reviewing the bed, we noticed that the base serves as a solid foundation, but it’s also amazing for support if you are a heavy set person.

The Firmness Level and Motion Transfer

Firmness Level: 6.5/10

As we reviewed it, Nectar seemed more like a medium firm, which is exactly the level that is promoted by the producer. This also means that the Nectar is suited for most sleepers out there.

We loved the combination of firm and soft and the fact that the surface allows some sinkage to happen. It’s not as deep as with classic viscoelastic, but it is pleasant, especially for those sensible at pressure points.

Of course, it’s not the same firmness as with innersprings, but the surface has a bit of springiness. We should also note that heavier persons will go through the softer top layers quite fast. However, here is where the third layer shows most of its power as you’ll feel the transition between the softness of the top and density of the base.

Detailed Analysis of the Tencel Cooling Cover

Sleeping Cool with Cover

To ensure maximum breathability and comfort, the Nectar is covered with Tencel, a cotton-like material that dries faster and is super-soft. The cover absorbs heat away from your body and integrates the air flow through the entire surface of the bed.

Finally, the cover is bedbug resistant, so you don’t have to worry about creepy crawlies living in the foam. Not to mention, the foam doesn’t allow for dust mites to set camp inside either.

Sleep Without Pain

Side Sleeper Back Spine

The Nectar starts as a pillow top surface but continues as a firmer mattress from the third layer down. This allows the body to sink in the first two layers, but still be perfectly supported by the third and fourth.

So, while the mattress contours the curves of your body, it also keeps the spine aligned and gives lumbar support. Such features make this surface amazing for all kinds of sleepers, regardless of weight or body shape.

Other Points to Think About

  • Forever warranty – According to the company, this is the strongest and longest warranty in the business. It covers the product and any manufacturing defects, but you must make sure to read the warranty agreement carefully.
  • 365-night trial period – With the great warranty, comes one year of testing. The cool thing is that you get to check the product’s features during each season!
  • Free shipping – The product will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.
  • It doesn’t come in a box – Nectar found an even easier way to deliver their product! The product is rolled and dressed in a zipped cover with handles. This way, you can handle it alone; you don’t need to ask your friends for help.

Overview of Nectar Mattress Review & Rating

9.4 Total Score

The product offers an amazing surface with exceptional inner-structure, and great features. We loved the soft-firm combination, and the general comfort it offers!

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After our thorough review, we can say that the Nectar team poured their soul and dreams into this product! You can feel the high-end craftsmanship, test the claims behind it, and enjoy fantastic nights on a surface that doesn’t just promises; it also delivers.

Of course, there will be better beds on the market, but it’s difficult to find a better one in this price target. Nectar did a wonderful job creating the perfect bed for someone on a budget!

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