Our Complete Review of Novosbed Mattress for 2023

Regardless of the multitude of options available in today’s market, memory foam is still the most appreciated material. This is due to the unique comfort features it promotes such as contouring, relieving pressure points, and motion isolation.

Novosbed producers understood this and created an improved version that doesn’t overheat but still has all the qualities that people love. Furthermore, the surface is more durable and easier to install in your home.

We did a thorough review of the Novosbed (which is available in three levels of firmness), and now we’re telling you our findings. Oh, you’re in a hurry? No worries; we also have the summary available here.

These Type of Sleepers Will Like Novosbed

  • Side sleepers – People who sleep on their side tend to have problems with pressure points that show up around the hips and shoulders area. This is why they tend to like a viscoelastic mattress, because it allows sinkage and contours to their body, relieving the pressured areas.
  • Back and stomach sleepers who enjoy viscoelastic – Novosbed features three versions of firmness so any type of sleeper could find the surface they need. So, if you like the contouring feeling of foam, it doesn’t matter what your favorite position is.
  • Sleepers that want a durable surface – After all, no one buys a mattress for just five years! So, if you want a surface that will keep its features for as long as possible, Novosbed is the right answer.
  • People who want a high-quality bed at a reasonable price – Novosbed feels like a cloud and has wonderful features that transform the sleeping experience (just like a high-end mattress would).
  • Sleepers who need a specific level of firmness – If you’re not happy with the one-size-fits-all approach, Novosbed gives you the possibility to choose between three levels of firmness.

Sleepers Who Will Not Love Novosbed

  • People who don’t like the hugging effect of viscoelastic – If you need a firm, bouncy surface, you should consider browsing other brands. This one features the standard memory foam feel.
  • Sleepers who like the pushback action of springs – Given that the bed doesn’t have a hybrid construction, there is a chance you may not fully enjoy it.
  • People who want all the bells and whistles of luxury mattresses – Yes, Novosbed contains high-end materials, but it lacks the finesse of a luxury bed. It is, after all, an advanced surface that comes at a fantastic price.

A Look Inside the Mattress

Reviewing the Mattress Layers

Novosbed features a 4-layer structure, but we think it’s best to start with the materials you can see, aka the cover. On the top side, there is a very soft, nice-looking, machine washable cover, made of eco-friendly Tencel fabric. During our review, we tested the cover and were satisfied by its stretchiness and good fit.

On the sides, the Novosbed is fitted with durable upholstery, just like the type of textile you find on high-end furniture. Finally, the bottom is equipped with a non-slip material, for better stability on any type of frame or surface.

Now that you know what’s on top, let’s take a peek inside:

  • InterLock Blue™ Core Cover – Acting like a second cover, this knitted layer adds extra protection for the foam inside and actively participates in keeping the surface dry.
  • Premium Airflow Foam (2 inches) – A layer of premium viscoelastic foam that provides the luxurious comfort most users appreciate in Novosbed. The foam is engineered to provide premium heat dissipation that is far superior to the level of ventilation available in traditional viscoelastic.
  • Premium Memory Foam (2 inches) – Its main role is to provide comfort and contouring, but also back support. It’s also the layer right above the base, so it makes the transition to firmer foam.
  • Premium Support Foam (7 inches) – The base acts as a layer of cushioned pocketed coils, providing support and keeping the motion transfer at a minimum.

The Feel and Firmness

We only had the chance to review the Medium version of Novosbed, but you can also learn about the other two levels of firmness (we browsed through happy owners’ reviews to get an accurate idea).

Firm – Firmness Level: 7.5/10

To get a firmer surface, with less sinkage and more support, the manufacturer reduced the Premium Memory Foam layer to 2 inches and increased the base at 7 inches. This way, the bed doesn’t give in as much when you apply pressure and bounces right back up as soon as you remove it.

In our opinion, this version is best fitted for stomach and back sleepers.

Medium – Firmness Level: 6.5/10

The version we reviewed is a combination of soft and firm, meaning that you will have contouring and a bit more sinkage, but there is still plenty of support from the middle layer and the base.

We would recommend this version to side sleepers who don’t like too much sinkage and back sleepers.

Soft – Firmness Level: 4/10

Finally, for the soft version, the manufacturer replaced the layer immediately under the second cover with a Premium AirFlow Gel Foam that provides good ventilation but also conforms better to any body shape. Next, they increased the size of the transition layer to 3 inches and reduced the size of the base to 6 inches.

The result is a soft surface that gives in when you apply pressure and cradles the body into a cloud-like sleeping experience. The resulting surface is more responsive and cooler than traditional viscoelastic, but the feeling is very close to it.

We would only recommend this version to side sleepers who have pressure point problems and people who enjoy a soft surface.

Our Sleeping Cool Overview

Airflow and Sleeping Cool

When you hear about an all-foam mattress, your first thought goes to the cooling system. It is a well-known fact that viscoelastic’s dense structure traps body heat, but the manufacturer already considered this aspect.

As a result, they improved the foam and added channels so the air can move freely (the layer called Airflow Foam). Furthermore, the second cover and the actual cover contain materials that absorb humidity and keep the surface dry for increased comfort.

Edge Support

Pressure Test and the Edge

This is an aspect that most foam surfaces don’t cover very well. Still, Novosbed behaved nicely while we were lying close to the edge. There was very little compression, and there was no feeling that we would be rolling out of bed.

However (and this is normal), when you sit on the edge, the surface loses shape, and there is plenty of compressions. But, the moment you get up, the surface bounces back.


  • Zero-waste manufacturing – The company recycles everything that is not used in the mattress manufacturing process.
  • Free shipping & returns – Shipping is free for continental USA and Canada, and returns (should you decide to send yours back) are easy. The company will arrange to have your mattress picked up for free, and you’ll get your money back.
  • 120 night trial – For four months, sleeping on Novosbed is on the company. You have the possibility to test it across two different seasons, which is impressive.
  • Warrantied for 15 years – Since the bed is made entirely out of high-performance textiles and next-generation foams, the manufacturer feels comfortable offering such a lengthy warranty period.
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam – No harmful chemicals were used to create the foam in this bed.

Overview of Novosbed Review & Rating

9.2 Total Score
Impressive Quality

If you want the hugging sensation of memory foam without the overheating experience, Novosbed is one of the products to consider!

Materials / Quality
Support / Comfort
Cooling Effect
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Value / Cost / Price
Brand Warranty
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We had a pleasant experience with our Novosbed mattress and, after having reviewed it for a few weeks, we can definitely say it is an impressive product. However, it is not for everyone.

The memory foam feeling is very nice, and it doesn’t have that stuck in quicksand sensation, but there are still people who don’t enjoy being hugged by their snooze surface. But, if you like pronounced contouring, sinking, and good back support, this is the bed for you.

Furthermore, it doesn’t sleep hot, and it feels like a bed from a high-end line, just without the hefty price tag. It’s also durable, due to the improvements made on the foam it contains. Given the price, you may expect to start sagging after a few years, but the manufacturer offers a generous warranty period to prove it’s not a cheap product.

Given the fact that almost all people can enjoy sleep on it, we vote the Novosbed surface one of the best viscoelastic mattresses on the market!

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