Comprehensive Review of Amerisleep Mattress for 2021

Amerisleep is a US-based company that has revolutionized the way many individuals sleep. It operates in the online mattress industry and by directly selling its products, it has been able to cut middleman costs and deliver outstanding value at an affordable price.

Their most popular model is the AS3, which is an all-foam and it’s of medium-firm construction. As such, it offers an excellent combination of stability and plushness, and it can satisfy different sleeping preferences and needs.

We have thoroughly reviewed the AS3 model, and we’ve summed up its most characteristic features. Below you may read about them and see why we are in such awe. Also, you will be able to check our summary here.

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You May Want to Seek Out Amerisleep Mattress If

  • You want a high-quality construction – Amerisleep uses the latest technology and high-quality materials in the manufacturing process. The bed incorporates the Celliant material that additionally improves the overall quality and contributes for ultimate relaxation of the whole body.
  • You need extra pressure relief – Due to its all-foam construction, AS3 can provide the sleeper with excellent pressure relief. Your shoulder, neck, and back will be the ones that will benefit the most from the pressure relief. The foam will perfectly conform to your body’s natural curves and will allow you to sink into it. Also, the foam is quite responsive and won’t make you feel like you’re stuck with it.
  • Motion isolation is a priority – When sharing the bed with your partner, motion isolation is crucial. If they tend to toss and turn a lot during their sleep, you may be easily disturbed. Because of that, AS3 does an exceptional job in isolating those moves, and you can rest assured that you will get a good night of sleep.
  • You want a plush feeling – This Amerisleep mattress has a sophisticated and luxurious feel to-the-touch. As such, it will provide you with the required comfort, especially if your favorite sleeping position is on the side, or you switch between multiple positions. AS3 is also quite supportive so that you will feel entirely secure during your night of sleep.

You May NOT Want to Seek Out Amerisleep Bed If

  • You are a stomach sleeper – Even though AS3 is suitable for multiple positions, it may lack the proper support for those who prefer to sleep on their belly. When sleeping on your stomach, you need extra support in the back and a surface that will keep you lifted and on the bed. Due to its plush feeling, AS3 may fail to provide you the needed support.
  • You are used to the innerspring feel – The coils system that is a part of the innersprings, gives additional support and bounciness to the mattress. It enables the sleeper to move and change positions quickly during the night, and it doesn’t allow them to feel like they are stuck into it. If you switch from an innerspring to an all-foam, you might find it difficult to adapt to the memory foam feel. See our innerspring bed recommendations if you like this type.
  • You require a firm surface – Even though it’s not the softest bed out there, it doesn’t have that extra firmness that many individuals may need. Sleepers that weigh more, or tend to sleep on their back and stomach will appreciate the firmer surface because it will keep their spine correctly aligned.

Construction and Layers Opinion

High Performance Bed Cover Analysis

AS3 exceeds the average height of 10” and its total height equals 12”. It’s an all-foam, comprised of 3 layers that are made of memory foam and polyfoam to deliver the perfect combination of comfort and support. The layers are covered with a plush blend of Spandex, Celliant, and polyester.

The cover is quite elastic, and it’ll always stay in place. The Celliant material contributes to the cooling features of AS3, and it’ll also help you recover quickly if you are an active person or an athlete.

We’ve done a lot of reviewing on each layer separately, and in continuation, you can read about their most essential characteristics.

  • Top Layer – The first layer is a 3″ thick memory foam that provides the overall comfort and allows the sleeper to sink into the mattress. It relieves any pressure, especially in the hips and the shoulders and it contours the mattress’s natural shape. This layer has an open cell structure that contributes to the overall temperature regulation, and it has good cooling features.
  • Second Layer – Underneath the comfort layer is the transitional layer, which is made of 2” thick poly foam. It is supposed to balance the effects of the comfort and support layer. It also adds bounciness and enables the sleeper to switch positions without feeling stuck easily. It is characterized with crates on the surface that are supposed to increase the airflow and to improve the mattress’s cooling.
  • Foundation – The last layer is the support layer which is 7” in total height. It’s made of dense poly foam, and it’s the primary source of stability for the bed. It also adds to its durability, and it gives its shape.

Firmness – What You Should Know

The firmness feeling entire depends on the sleeper’s preferred sleeping position and their body measurements. Therefore, after reviewing every Amerisleep model and gathering feedback from numerous customers, we determined the firmness of each model.

AS1 – Firmness Level: 8/10

AS1 is the firmest one in the Amerisleep spectrum. It’s not entirely stiff, and it provides the right amount of support to back and stomach sleepers. It will make you feel like you are on the mattress and you will be entirely lifted. This is an excellent pick for sleepers who are significantly heavier!

AS2 – Firmness Level: 6.5/10

AS2 can be considered as a medium-firm one that is also suitable for back and stomach sleepers. It’s slightly thicker than its rival, and it has an extra layer that nicely conforms to the body’s natural shape.

AS3 – Firmness Level: 5/10

AS3 is the hero of our review, and also, it is the winner among customers. Due to its medium-soft and adaptive surface, it can satisfy many sleepers, especially those who like to sleep on the side, or frequently change positions.

AS4 – Firmness Level: 4/10

A slightly softer alternative than the AS3 is the AS4. It’s great for providing you with the desired feeling of sinking into it and extra cushioning. Also, it will adequately hug your body, and you will feel like you are floating when lying on it.

AS5 – Firmness Level: 2.5/10

AS5 is the softest model that Amerisleep has created. It is mainly made of soft foams that will make you feel like you’re lying on the clouds. You can sink into it entirely, and you won’t feel like you’re lifted. It is great for side sleepers and those who do not weight much.

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Airflow & Sleeping Cool Test

Sleep Audits

All-foams tend to retain more heat when compared to innersprings. However, the AS3 is made using the latest technology, and its construction is designed to enhance the overall airflow. The second layer has been carefully hollowed so that the air passes through the layers to regulate the whole temperature.

Also, the top layer is characterized with an open cell structure, while the cover is enriched with Celliant for a nice cooling effect.

Edge Support

When you need to use the mattress’s whole surface, edge support is a crucial factor when making the right purchasing decision. Usually, all-foams cannot provide the required support, but AS3 is an exception.

When sitting or lying near the side, you will always feel secure that you won’t fall out of it. Even though you can feel a small compression, that’s entirely reasonable with a softer surface.


  • 100-night sleep trial – Amerisleep offers a risk-free sleep trial of 100 nights. During this period you can test the bed for free to see whether it matches your needs and preferences. If it feels uncomfortable and not tailored to your body, you can return it, and you will get a full refund. The company believes that your body needs more time to adapt to the new surface, so before you initiate a return, you need to use it for at least 30 days.
  • 20-year warranty – Because it stands for its quality, Amerisleep offers a generous warranty of 20 years. The warranty is broken into two periods, so that for the first ten years, you are eligible for a full replacement in a case of a defect, while in the second ten years they will charge a 50% of the initial price.
  • Free shipping and delivery – The package is shipped for free to the final destination by FedEx. It usually takes 1-5 working days to arrive, and once it is at your doorstep, you can quickly set it up in your bedroom. It is packed in an eco-friendly box and covers, and it needs 4-6 hours to expand after unboxing completely.

Overview of Amerisleep Mattress Review & Rating

9 Total Score

We admire how Amerisleep managed to create a sophisticated product that will be able to satisfy most of the sleepers' needs. It is constructed of high-quality materials, using the latest technology and you can rest assured that it's made to last.

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The AS3 is one of the rarest products on the market that incorporates Celliant in their construction. It contributes to the muscles’ full recovery and has a positive effect on its cooling performance. Also, due to its plush and velvety feel, it will provide you with the ultimate comfort, while still keeping you entirely supported.

We are fascinated by AS3’s outstanding characteristics, and we like how it can fit in any bedroom. Therefore, we hope that we have genuinely impacted your decision and you will make the right choice.

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