Our Complete Review of Douglas Mattress

This desire to keep things ecological but still provide sleepers with high-end comfort is what drove us to do a thorough review of the Douglas bed. It was also a new chance to review a bed-in-a-box concept that is highly effective from all points of view. NEW 2023 deals below.

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FREE Gift with Mattress Purchase

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Canada’s most well-equipped mattress is also one of the few products in this niche that actually cares about the environment and tries to have a smaller carbon footprint. They manage to do this by using things like Eucalyptus fabric for the cover or ecoLight foam, which is a proprietary design with 50% less carbon footprint.

So, if you’re curious about Douglas and its features, continue reading.

Douglas Mattress Is Incredible For

  • All types of sleepers – As the surface is well-balanced and registers a medium on the firmness scale, everyone can find it pleasing. Regardless of your sleeping position, you can enjoy the soft contouring and the back support that Douglas has to offer.
  • People who don’t like sleeping hot – The materials included in this platform provide active cooling to keep your body temperature at an ideal level while sleeping. The first layer is a contouring sheet of high-end memory foam infused with cooling gel engineered to open the foam structure and keep air flowing.
  • Those of you who need proper pressure relief – The platform features an all-foam design, meaning your body will be well-treated, and all pressure points will be eliminated. The unique foam combination is perfectly designed to keep the spine aligned while providing sinkage and contour for the neck, shoulders, and hips.
  • Various fun bedroom activities – The foam used to build the Douglas is slightly bouncy, which makes things interesting when you want to enjoy some well-worth it bedroom intimacy with your partner.

Douglas Bed Won’t Be Great For

  • People who want 100% ecologic materials – Douglas is designed with love for the environment at heart, but some materials are not entirely ecologic. The company tried, for as much as possible, to reduce the carbon footprint of this activity, and they managed to do a great job, but given the price, you can’t expect a fully natural mattress.
  • Those of you in love with springs – The surface may be bouncy, but it doesn’t compare with the pushback effect of actual springs. In the case you are looking for the flexibility and bounce of an innerspring, this may not be the best brand for you.
  • People who need soft surfaces – If the limbs feel numb every morning, it may be a sign you need a softer design. However Douglas is not particularly soft, and it doesn’t give too much under pressure, which may mean you need a different type of bed.

Things You Should Know About the Layers and Materials

Mattress Layers Audit and Reviewed

Let’s start with the part that impressed us the most while reviewing this product, the CoolSense™ cover. Made of Natural Eucalyptus fabric, the cover is removable and washable, while also being breathable and very, very soft to touch.

We loved the design that depicts the Canadian mountains on the bottom half and the general white and red color combination that makes the mattress look elegant and stylish.

To put it short, the cover is impressive, looks amazing, and draws humidity away and keeps you cool and cozy.

Now, let’s take a look under the hood and see what gets the Douglas running:

  • Luxury ecoLight™ Cooling Gel Foam (2 inches) – Even though foam doesn’t necessarily scream eco-friendly, the manufacturer found a way to reduce its carbon footprint by 50%, which says a lot. Still, this doesn’t mean it isn’t just as durable and responsive as any other similar foams! The layer is made with fast-response contouring memory foam infused with a gel that will not retain heat, and it won’t get you the stuck in quicksand sensation.
  • Premium Elastex™ Foam (2 inches) – It’s a latex foam made without harmful chemicals, that improves the overall quality of the bed. The layer is bouncy and has antimicrobial properties.
  • Motion Isolation Support Foam (6 inches) – This foam behaves like a very dense layer of tiny pocket-coil springs. As a result, it provides great variable support and absorbs most of the motion while keeping the edge well-supported.

Firmness Levels

Douglas – Firmness Level: 6/10

Douglas wanted to make sure their snooze surface is a good fit for anyone, which is why they combined memory and latex in the same product. The result is a medium mattress that gives some sinkage and contour but also keeps you supported and your spine well-aligned.

While reviewing it, we had all types of sleepers testing the surface, and we learned that side and back sleepers will be the happiest. Stomach sleepers usually like a firmer surface, but Douglas is still great if you’re willing to try medium firmness. See other mattresses here.

Overview of Cooling

Cooling Tested and Analysis

Starting with the cover, that’s designed to absorb heat and humidity from around your body, and moving to the first gel-infused layer, this platform was designed to provide cool nighttime for you and your partner.

Furthermore, the latex underneath the memory foam layer also participates in the cooling process as it provides better ventilation.

Edge Support

According to the manufacturer, the base is just as good as a layer of tiny pocketed coils when it comes to edge support.

However, when we tested it, the surface did lose shape when sitting on the edge (which usually doesn’t happen with a hybrid design). Still, Douglas remains unchanged when you’re lying away from the middle.

In conclusion, while it may not be as great as supporting you while sitting, the edge won’t roll you out of bed when you’re sleeping.


  • 120-night trial on mattresses – 120 nights while Douglas is all yours to test and test, and test.
  • 100% free returns – Should you decide to return it, during the trial period, Douglas will pick it up for free.
  • Free shipping – The bed is delivered to your doorstep, in a box.
  • Supported by a powerful brand – Douglas comes from GoodMorning.com, which is a company that produces several impressive models ever since 2009.
  • Mattresses have a 15-year warranty – The coverage protects you, the original buyer from defects in workmanship and materials.

Overview of Douglas Mattress Review & Rating

9.1 Total Score
Elegant & Strong

Douglas follows the Canadian spirit and features characteristics like active cooling, perfect bounce, and amazing contouring while sleeping. It is indeed a fantastic product and the price is absolutely incredible!

Materials / Quality
Support / Comfort
Cooling Effect
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Value / Cost / Price
Brand Warranty
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We were impressed by the effort invested by the manufacturer to keep their work and product as eco-friendly as possible for their beds. Not only did they make sure the foams used to come without any harmful chemicals and they have a reduced carbon footprint, but they also base their activity on renewable energy!

The result is an impressive product, with a nice feel for any type of sleeper, and a cool bounce effect that takes your mind away from any all-foam mattress you’ve ever tried. The idea was to create a perfect balance between the softness of memory foam and the bounce of latex. And they did it!

While reviewing it, we enjoyed the cover (which is one of the most beautiful and elegant designs we ever saw), the general feel, and the cooling effect that kept us comfy cozy at night. Now, if you consider the price and the rest of the perks (prolonged trial period, long warranty, and free delivery), there’s no way you won’t want to try one for yourself!

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