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As a testament to the power of design creativity and smart combinations, Eve is a bit more than just a bed-in-a-box. It’s a high-quality mattress that bases its amazing features on three different layers of foam and a unique design that was conceived in the UK.

Right now, the product is manufactured in the US, and comes with quality materials that improve breathability and offer any type of sleeper a fantastic snoozing surface.

We did our tests on it and got quite some positive results during the review, which is why we’re inviting you to continue reading. But, if you’re in a hurry, here is the compressed version of it.

You May Consider Eve Mattress If…

  • You sleep with a partner – Because Eve is an all-foam mattress, the motion transfer is minimal and you can sleep peacefully even when your partner turns frequently on their side.
  • You like your foam mattress a bit bouncier – Eve worked hard to improve their snooze surface, and with the new design, they added some extra flexibility to the top layer. While reviewing it, we thought this feature was nice, comfy, and interesting.
  • You’re into the bed-in-a-box concept – Some people are scared by the idea, but we don’t see any problem (Read this article to learn more about them). The surface needs some off-gassing, but so do most memory foams, and it will expand rather fast.
  • You wake up with aching joints – This happens because pressure points appear between your body and the sleeping surface. However, Eve is a foam surface that allows some sinkage and gives good support, so the pressure points should disappear. If you suffer from serious joint pain, see our arthritis list.
  • You’re looking for a surface with cooling features – Because most foams have a heat-related problem, Eve incorporated a cooling feature with one of their layers that breathes 30 times better than standard viscoelastic material.

You May Not Want To Consider Eve Bed If…

  • Your mind is set on an innerspring – Even is a memory foam bed and can’t replicate the buoyancy and flexibility of an innerspring type surface. So, if you are already set on such a product, we recommend going with a different producer.
  • 100% natural surfaces are your favorites – While the bed is made with CertiPUR-US foam, the materials are not natural (viscoelastic is an artificial material). The CertiPUR certification shows no harmful chemicals were used to make the bed, but the choice is yours in the end.
  • Beds delivered in a box don’t seem serious – Because the entire surface of the Eve is foam, the bed can be easily compressed and shipped in a box. This doesn’t mean it’s less of a bed, it’s just a different, more efficient way of transportation. This may sound interesting to you never the less, to learn more about this concept see our top boxed picks.

Material Layers and Construction of the Bed

Construction of Layers

Eve combines British design and US manufacturing in an easy to understand surface. There’s nothing confusing about it, and each layer has a specific job to do. This leads to a bouncier, better surface that offers that contouring effort without the sinking.

Overall, there are four layers that collaborate in creating comfort and impressive support:

  • Cover – Since this is the layer you get to see and feel first, Eve made it thicker. It’s also tight and stretchy, so no wrinkles will form during agitated nights, and allows the air to circulate. The cover can be removed and washed at 30 degrees.
  • Contouring Foam (2 inches) – Immediately under the cover, there is a contouring layer of memory foam that is responsive and allows the body to sink in a bit for pressure relief. This layer has an open-cell structure that keeps the heat away from your body because air is allowed to flow freely. If you sleep really hot, consider a cooling bed pad.
  • Revolutionary Cooling Layer (1 inch) – Since heat is a big problem with viscoelastic foam, the mattresses also has a layer in charge of absorbing moisture and keeping the temperature at optimum levels – This type of foam comes with improved cell structure which increases durability and make the final product 30 times more breathable than other viscoelastic sleeping surfaces.
  • Supportive Base Layer (6.5 inches) – Made of high-density foam, this is the base of the bed, and the layer in charge of back support. While the top layers take care of comfort and bounciness, this layer keeps your spine aligned and allows you to sleep comfortably all night long. Especially, if you prefer to sleep on your back.

Besides the cover being removable and washable, the sides of the cover are thicker and colored in a nice yellow shade. This protects the sides, and gives the product a nice, joyful look. During our review, we also noticed that there’s an anti-slip base on the side that goes on the frame, so there’s only one face to sleep on (you can’t flip it over and try a new side).

The anti-slip base is quite nice, because you can install it on any type of frame and the mattress will stay put.

The Firmness and Sinkage Analysis

Firmness Level: 6/10

Eve is a medium-firm snoozing bed that combines the sinking effect of viscoelastic and the wonderful bounciness of high-density foam.

While reviewing it, we noticed some sinkage, but it’s just the right amount to allow back and side-sleeping positions to feel comfortable. At first you may find it a bit more firm than you want it to be, but in time, the surface becomes a bit softer so it accommodates all kinds of sleeping positions.

We liked that the top 2-inch layer of memory foam doesn’t leave room for any motion transfer. Everything is nice and still, so you can easily sleep beside someone who tends to toss and turn at night.

Revolutionary Cooling Layer

This type of open-cell structure is great in allowing air to move back and forth inside the foam layers, and Eve found a great solution to the heating problem. According to users’ reviews online, you won’t have problems with getting too hot during the night, even if you’re usually sweating and your body temperature gets higher.

Adaptable Fabric Top Cover

Top Cover of Eve

We’ve already mentioned some of the features that make the top cover such a great material, but you should also know it is designed with naturally anti-allergenic materials (See our hypoallergenic options). As a result, the entire surface is less prone to gathering dust, fungi, or dust mites.

Finally, the cover is naturally flame retardant and certified for safety.

More Info

  • 100-night home trial – The standard trial period for mattresses bought online, but it’s enough time to check if this snooze surface is for you.
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty – Covers any physical flaws (warranty also includes the cover) that show up in conditions of proper usage.
  • Free delivery and returns – You don’t have to worry about extra fees, delivery problem, or any other issues. The Eve will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • Bed-in-a-box concept – You also don’t need to hire an entire team to install it. The box can be easily handled by two people and you can carry up the stairs without worrying about the available space.
  • Customer service from sleep experts – Any questions you might have about Eve, will be answered by top-rated sleep experts.

Overview of Eve Mattress Review & Rating

8.8 Total Score

Eve features a combination of different types of foam in order to create a universal snoozing surface. The result is interesting, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the mix.

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If you are looking for a good mattress at an affordable price, Eve may just be the right product for you. It’s easy to install and test, and brings the nice memory foam feeling with a bit more firmness than usual.

According to online reviews, and our own opinion, the surface is suitable for all sleeping positions. However, no product can satisfy everyone, which is why the 100-days trial is extremely welcome.

Overall, Eve is an interesting sleeping surface, with cool features, and a desire to please everyone.


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