List of Highest Rated Mattresses-in-a-Box Companies

The mattress in a box concept is rather new on the market and it started working its way into our lives and homes, with the proliferation of the online mattress stores. The idea of a compressed bed that will easily fit in a box, showed up as an alternative for transportation, and it was made possible by the use of modern materials such as foams and steel coils.

But it’s not just about transportation convenience; the ‘in a box’ concept comes with cool benefits that make the old method of delivery look archaic and ineffective. First, the installation process is simplified as you can do it all by yourself. You may ask the help of a friend or a significant other, but in most cases, you can take the mattress from your doorstep and into the bedroom alone.

Second, the unboxing is quite exciting. Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to unbox your presents? This is exactly how it feels to receive the top mattress in a box! You get it out of the box, remove the protective cover, and watch it inflate – it’s absolutely amazing!

Overall, the idea made our lives easier, which is why we decided to give you a more detailed look at the topic. Today we’ll talk about the materials that work best for this concept, the perks it brings, and other features that matter when you’re buying from an online store.

What is a Mattresses-in-a-Box?

List of Top Rated

The Concept

The ‘in a box’ concept was a breath of fresh air in the mattress market and it was so well received that it didn’t need any marketing at all. The idea was first implemented by companies like Casper and the young public (mostly millennials) simply jumped at the opportunity it presented.

The most important aspect for you, the final customer, is that the ‘in a box’ concept and online shopping completely eliminated the middleman. Right now, you can shop from the comfort of your home and all you have to do is decide on the best product for you and the size you want. Furthermore, you have the amazing possibility of reading about actual users’ experiences, which is extremely valuable.

But how exactly does this happen? How do you fit an entire bed in a rectangular big box without damaging its structure? Well, it all comes down to the materials used and the compression technology available. If the surface is designed to be compressed, the machines that cover this process will be extremely careful to not damage the inner-structure of the product.

The secret stands in using layers that don’t get damaged under pressure such as memory foam, latex, or even natural materials such as wool. All these have strong fibers and the cellular structure is flexible, allowing air to get in and out. Furthermore, if the design features coils, these prove their worth in durability when they’re pressed.

So, if you’re worried that such a product may have any flaws due to the original wrapping method, we hope we put your mind at ease. The ‘in a box’ concept is safe, effective, and extremely popular these days.

The Shipping Process

With most online mattress stores the shipping is covered in the price, but this is not always the case. However, regardless of price, the shipping usually starts with the producer’s factory (the no middleman situation implies that your product will be shipped directly from the manufacturing process) and ends with your doorstep.

Some producers have their own delivery service, but many like to use the traditional shipping methods, such as UPS. The reduced size and weight of your sleeping surface in a compressed state make this a viable option and this way, the product can be easily sent to any location across the country. Some producers even ship in Canada or Hawaii, but this is something you have to check before making the purchase.

To make things easier for you and get their product to stand out from the crowd, some companies will also offer white gloves delivery. This is an extra service (usually not free), where you can have the delivery team carry the box in your bedroom, install the product where you need it, and tidy the place up by removing the debris.

As an extra, some companies will even take your old mattress, and send it to a recycling center. However, you should make sure to check for these perks before deciding on a producer.

Risk Free Sleep Trials

Sleep Trails of Each Box

Given that most online stores don’t have physical showrooms where to test the mattress before making the purchase, they will weight in the offer with an extensive sleep trial. During this time, you have the opportunity to test the surface in the comfort of your own home, and decide if it’s actually a good fit for your needs.

Most risk-free sleep trials will last for 100 nights from the moment of purchase, but some manufacturers go as far as offering a whole year. This works to your advantage as a customer since you get to test the product throughout four seasons. But you shouldn’t choose a product just for the trial period; after all, 100 nights of sleeping on a surface should give you a pretty good idea of its features.

During the trial period, you have the right to ask for your money back and return the product. You can also ask to switch with a different level of firmness, if the manufacturer offers this possibility. However, you should make sure to check the return conditions, as no producer will accept a damaged mattress or one that has stains on it.

In most cases, surfaces that are returned will be donated to a local charity, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be in good condition.

Type of Materials

Materials Used In a Mattress

Memory Foam

Also known as viscoelastic, this is a manmade material and comes with some unique and impressive features. The foam is known to absorb motion the most efficiently, which is why it’s highly recommended for people who share their bed with a restless partner, but the best-acclaimed feature is its shape-changing characteristic.

Memory foam reacts to body heat and pressure and creates an indentation in the surface that accommodates the shape of your body just right. This allows for the best contouring and exemplary back support, if the density of the foam is high (5lb+).

When it comes to putting such a product in a box, the process is quite easy as the foam uses air and cooling gels to keep the surface from overheating. So, by removing the air during compression, the material becomes flat, which allows the manufacturer to roll it up with ease. Finally, memory foam is lightweight, which makes the product in the box easier to manipulate and transport.

Want to find out more best-type models out there? We listed a memory foam mattress buyer’s guide specifically for you.


Is Latex Good

In this case, there can be two types of latex: artificial and natural. The artificial kind is made with petroleum-based products and has a similar structure with memory foam, but the mattress is bouncier and firmer. The resulting product is lightweight and durable, so it won’t pose any problems for transport.

However, most people are looking for the natural latex designs because they feature plenty of benefits. Starting with a hypoallergenic surface (natural latex doesn’t allow bacteria, fungi, or dust mites to settle in the surface) and continuing with a 100% ecological manufacturing process, these designs are better for your health.

When it comes to packing, natural latex may be a bit more pretentious and it is definitely heavier, but a high-end manufacturer will know how to protect the structure of the product and provide you with a great unpacking experience as well.


In this category, we should include the hybrid designs, where you will find a plethora of combinations of memory foam, natural latex, coils, gels, and natural materials such as wool and cotton. Of course, each producer has their own formula when it comes to mixing the layers, but in most hybrid designs, you’ll find the coils at the bottom and the foams on top, serving as the comfort layer.

These combinations manage to create ideal surfaces for both comfort and back support, which is also the reason why they are so well-known on the market.

Now, as you can imagine, the resulting box will be heavier, but the unboxing and installation of the mattress will follow the same process. The compression technique is similar to the one used for foam designs, and the result is a wonderfully wrapped product that can be easily transported and installed wherever you need.

Which Size Is Perfect For You

Sizes of Beds


The King version is usually the largest design you can buy unless you have the option of a California King. However, if you’re not an athlete or a really tall basketball player, the Cal King doesn’t really make sense because it is longer and narrower than the standard version (72 by 84 inches).

Now, let’s talk about the standard King size, which is a 76 by 80 inches. As you can see, it is wide, so it offers plenty of space to roll around and develop your starfish sleeping experience (that’s when you look like you’re doing jumping jacks on the horizontal).

Honestly, unless you like the spoil yourself or you have several cats and dogs that sleep with you, we wouldn’t recommend a king size surface for just one person. Regardless of how much space you think your body can occupy, you’re not actually moving that much during the night. This means that most of the surface will be left unused and you may get to feel a bit lost.

The King is great for families and couples and goes great in large bedrooms (given their size). This way, everyone has plenty of personal space while sleeping and you don’t have to endure through cuddling during hot summer days.


A Queen is a 60 by 80 inches, so just as long as a King, but narrower. In our opinion, it works great for both couples and single people, but if you’re on the plus size side, we wouldn’t recommend it for a couple.

This is the most popular version of mattress bought in stores, and people prefer it because it fits in most bedrooms. It is wide enough to accommodate a normal size couple, with some space left for their personal needs.

Furthermore, a Queen is less expensive than a King and the bedding is usually easier to find (and of course, a bit cheaper). So, if you’re looking for a high-quality product, but your budget is not that generous, simply go for a Queen-size mattress.


This size measures a 54 inches by 74 and was once considered the best choice for couples. Of course, this was before the Queen size’s ascension to power, when bedrooms were quite small.

Nowadays, this size is ideal for guestrooms or very small bedrooms, but we don’t recommend it for a couple (unless you both are of a small stature). The surface is not wide enough to accommodate the needs of two fully-grown adults, even if you love each other very much. Everyone needs a bit of space while sleeping and if your partner tends to move a lot while sleeping, you may find yourself contemplating the floor a lot more than you should.

The Full size in a sleeping surface can be a good fit for a teenager or a single adult who is not too tall. However, if you want comfort and you like some space to relax your limbs, we would recommend a Queen.


This one can’t even be considered for a couple, but it makes for a great day bed! It is just as long as a Full-size product (74 inches), but it only measures 38 inches in width, so you can see why even a single person may have troubles sleeping on such a surface.

The only situation a Twin-sized may be a good fit is in a dorm room or the bedroom of a child. You may also find the XL version of a Twin, that’s 6 inches longer and fits the needs of a tall adult and teenager, but you must also consider their constitution. After all, a plus size person would not feel comfortable on a Twin surface!

On the pros side, this size is usually very affordable, the bedding is cheap and it is more portable than the other versions.

Top Compatible Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Positions Analysis

Back Sleeper

Sleeping on your back is considered the healthiest position for slumber because none of the vital organs are affected. Furthermore, if the mattress is supportive, your spine will be aligned with your shoulders and neck and your hands will be arranged beside you.

As a result, you’re not sleeping on any limbs, there are no pressure points between your bony areas and the mattress, and your organs are naturally resting. However, if the surface is too soft or too firm, you run the risk of putting pressure on the spine.

For instance, if the surface is too soft, your butt area will sink in a lot more than it should, creating an unnatural curvature of the back and putting lots of pressure on the lower back area. On the other hand, if it’s too hard, there will be a gap between your lumbar area and the bed, which also creates unwanted pressure.

With the ‘in a box’ concept, we recommend choosing a latex or a hybrid design if you’re a back sleeper. These are at a medium level between firm and soft and support a natural buoyancy that’s extremely helpful.

If you sleep on your back, we recommend on checking out our comprehensive back sleepers buying guide.

Side Sleeping

Most side sleepers feel extremely comfy on a memory foam design because of the extra level of contouring it offers.

In reality, most people (over 60%) like sleeping on their side, and it’s not a bad position, as long as you know how to choose your mattress. Because you are on your side, the position of the spine can be easily compromised by a bed that’s too soft or too firm. This happens because two of the heaviest areas in your body are involved (the hips and the shoulders).

Now, due to its amazing properties, high-density memory foam is one of the best choices. This material will allow the heavy areas to sink in just right, but it will also provide good support for the torso and legs. Even more, if you tend to sleep on one of your hands, the contouring will prevent it from getting numbed as the blood flow won’t be restricted by your weight.

Are you a side sleeper? Check out our in-depth side sleeping buyer’s guide.

Stomach Sleepers

The third sleeping position that’s among the most popular is on your stomach. While most specialists don’t recommend it, with the right bed, there’s nothing to worry about.

The secret to a good slumber on your stomach is to find a surface that’s a bit firmer. In this case, a natural latex mattress would do just fine because it is flexible but firm, allowing for contour where you need it.

If the surface is soft, the stomach will go deeper into the layers, creating a weird curvature of the back, with extra pressure on the neck and hips. This is why most stomach sleepers don’t quite enjoy a memory foam design and like something more support-oriented.

A hybrid version is also a good choice, as long as it provides a firm top. Unlike latex mattresses, some hybrid designs are actually quite soft due to the comfort layer that’s thick and contouring. This makes the pushback action of the coils ineffective for a stomach sleeper, but would complement the needs of a back sleeper rather nicely.

List of Quality Mattresses in a Box Reviews (Best Rated)



  • All-foam design
  • 365 days of home trial
  • Forever warranty
  • Free shipping

Our Ratings: 9.6/10

As we mentioned in the risk-free trial section of this article, some producers put a lot of trust in their designs, and as a result, they offer a lengthy trial period. Well, Nectar is one of these producers, as they offer a full year of testing, to make sure you love their mattress just as well in winter as you do in the summer.

Furthermore, this impressive all-foam mattress that gets delivered in a cover with handles at your doorstep is also covered by the best warranty possible (Forever Warranty), which is definitely showing a lot of trust from the manufacturer. The shipping is included in the price, and the design works great with any bed frame you have available.

Unboxing is definitely an interesting experience, and the clever packaging allows anyone to carry the mattress around and install it. Overall, Nectar is an exemplary product that fits in a box, with plenty of features, and a wonderful delivery process!

To see complete details head over to our in-depth analysis and overview.



  • 100 nights sleep trial
  • 10 years warranty
  • Made in the USA

Our Ratings: 9.5/10

With a hybrid design, Helix is one of the top products in a box on the market because it can be personalized according to your needs. This is extremely useful if you share the bed with a partner who has a different sleep pattern than yours.

The mattress is simply built, with two layers of foam sandwiching a layer of pocketed microcoils for increased support and breathability. In terms of comfort, Helix is perfect for many types of sleepers and the price is quite affordable.

Unlike Nectar, you only get 100 nights for testing and the bed is only covered by a 10 years warranty, but this doesn’t mean the producer invested less in its quality. They just decided to follow the standard rules on these features.

Helix is delivered in a rectangular blue box, rolled up in a plastic cover that’s easy to remove. Once the plastic cover is removed, the surface will expand quickly and you’ll be able to use it in several minutes.

If you wish to learn more about Helix, we have completed a thorough review here.



  • 100 nights trial period
  • They donate a mattress for every ten sold
  • Free shipping and returns all over the USA

Our Ratings: 9.3/10

Leesa is an all-foam design, with a special inner structure that guarantees both softness and support. The producer aimed at offering a one-size-fits-all product, which is why you won’t find several versions of firmness. According to reviews, they actually made it work creating one of the highest-quality products out there.

They also have a hybrid version, called Sapira, that’s bouncier and a bit more on the firm side. Still, regardless of the version you choose, your bed will be delivered in a box, at your doorstep.

Leesa also decided to take the standard approach when it comes to the trial period and warranty period, but the materials used for the inner-structure and cover are durable and well-designed so you don’t have to worry.

Overall, the product is easy to install, looks amazing in any type of frame, and offers amazing comfort for most sleeping positions.

Want to learn more about them? See our detailed analysis here.



  • A unique inner-structure
  • Comes rolled up in an elegant cover
  • 100 nights trial
  • 10 years warranty

Our Ratings: 9/10

Purple is one of the mattresses that made a lot of noise on the market due to their well-designed marketing campaign. But it’s not just about good marketing here; they also impressed the world with a unique material that adapts to your body shape, offering support where needed and contouring at the exact right moment.

This, paired with an exceptional design, and a surface that sleeps cool but offers the most comfortable hugging sensation without using harmful chemicals, is a recipe for success. They offer the standard trial and warranty length, and the bed is delivered rolled up in a beautiful cover with handles. This makes moving the mattress around extremely easy, and the installation is just as simple. Furthermore, the company also offers free in-home setup and old mattress removal, which is quite a special perk.

For a much more comprehensive overview, visit our in-depth analysis here.



  • 120 days trial
  • 10 years warranty
  • Comes rolled up in a colorful box

Our Ratings: 8.9/10

Tulo ditched the one-size-fits-all approach and created three different products, one for each level of firmness. Furthermore, all their designs are foam-based, which makes them easier to compress and fit in a box, but they’re also durable and feature an elegant cover.

They decided to give each of their products a special color, so you have pink for soft, orange for medium and purple for firm. It’s actually a nice way to stand out from the crowd, besides the cool inner-structure and friendly approach towards customers.

Now, the cool thing about Tulo is that they’ll assist you in choosing a mattress if you’re not quite sure which one works best for your needs. They have a special section on the site, where in just a few steps, you’ll know for sure if you need a soft, a medium, or a firm version. Every step is transparent and the company is prepared to help you if you need any other information.

To learn more about Tulo, see our complete review here.

Our Final Thoughts

While some people don’t see the bed in a box concept as a reliable method of transportation, we consider it to be quite revolutionary.

First, it completely changed the way we deal with such a big purchase and it allows you to be in charge of where you want the product to be installed. Even more, you don’t have to call on your neighbors and friends for help, and you no longer have to be home when the UPS delivery drops. The product will simply be delivered to your doorstep, and you can easily take it on from there.

This concept helped at the rise of the online mattress stores and allowed manufacturers to cut off the middleman. The result can be seen in lower prices, better materials, and an easier way to shop for a bed.

The best mattresses that come in a box are more portable, lighter in weight, and can be tested in the comfort of your bedroom for flaws and incompatibilities. Most manufacturers are open and friendly, and given that the competition is growing stronger every day, you may get some amazing perks with your purchase!

So ditch the showrooms, forget about salespeople who only care about their commission, and start shopping the modern way!

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