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There’s a science to sleep according to Casper, and they apply this motto to all their products. With a strong engineering team to work out the kinks and leadership that strives for innovation, Casper is one of the most famous online mattress companies in the country.

Casper has three different mattresses in their product portfolio, but the one that aroused our interest was their signature product, called The Casper. With an intriguing Zone Support and lots of other cool features, you can see why we were so happy to finally get the chance of reviewing it!

We did our tests and below you can learn about the pros and cons, and why this product may be a good fit. We also have a summary you can find here.

You Should Enjoy Casper Mattress If

  • The idea of customized back support is appealing – Casper has something called Zone Support, which is an area that provides support according to your needs. The support is different with each zone so the surface will adapt to your needs and not the other way around.
  • You want a foam-like surface but without the slow-moving feel – The foam used to create this snooze surface is improved to make it bouncy and resilient. This way, when you move, the foam follows the curves of the body.
  • You tend to sleep on your side or back – Because it understands the difference between hips and shoulders, the surface accommodates side and back sleepers’ needs. The basic idea is that your spine will be well-aligned while you enjoy your favorite sleeping position!
  • You don’t want to break a sweat – Yes, foams tend to overheat, but the ones used to design the Casper have an open-cell structure that allows the air to flow and take the heat away.

You Won’t Enjoy Casper Bed If

  • Innersprings are your heart and soul – In the case you are in love with the bounciness of an innerspring, you shouldn’t cheat on your desires. The Casper is an all-foam mattress, and even though the surface is firmer than regular memory foam, it doesn’t give the same feeling.
  • Memory foam is your favorite material – The cool thing about Casper is that they created their own type of foam. This is why the surface feels so good, and also why you won’t find the traditional viscoelastic feel in it.
  • You have doubts about the bed-in-a-box concept – Casper is one of the first companies to start this concept, and they deliver amazing service through it. The compression doesn’t affect the features or the durability of the mattress, but you may get less edge support than with a standard bed.

The Design – What Materials Are Used?

The Design of Casper

Starting with what you can actually see and touch, the cover is made of lightweight, stretchy, and breathable materials. We loved the fact that it’s zipped around the mattress, meaning it’s easy to remove and wash.

Right underneath the cover, there’s a 4-layer structure of foams, each with different roles in the general feel and firmness. From top to bottom, there is:

  • One comfort layer (1.5 inches) – Here you have a layer of breathable and bouncy latex-like foam that responds to your movements and supports your position. However, you shouldn’t think about this as a firm layer because it still allows for some sinkage. Even more, it has great cooling properties which will definitely transform your sleeping experience!
  • Memory Foam (1.5 inches) – Also known as the contour layer, the 3.5 lb. density viscoelastic material is great for pressure relief and motion isolation.
  • Zone Support (1.5 inches) – Also known as the transition layer, here is where the magic of customized support happens. Because your hips and shoulders are different in weight and shape, the mattress features different density foams distributed on zones. So, you have firmer foam where the hips would go and softer for the shoulders.
  • The base (5 inches) – There’s nothing special about the base except it offers solid support for the layers above. The 1.8lb density foam is the general standard for all-foam beds that are sold online or rolled in a box.

Our Firmness Level

Firmness of the Casper Bed

Since Casper offers three different products, we thought it’s best to talk about firmness on all of them. This way, we make sure you have all the information before deciding if the bed works for you.

Before we start, you should know the thickness is different for each version. Even more, their inner-structure is different so make sure to read everything carefully.

The Casper – Firmness Level: 6/10

This is the one we reviewed and the most popular version out of the three. We think the popularity is due to the medium-firm feel, which is usually the one favored by most sleepers.

The Casper is just right, without being too firm or too soft, and the surface is resilient. This means that, when you press on it, the layers will take your body contour, but the moment you decide to change position, the surface will change as well.

Overall, this model is 10 inches thick and has the four layers we mentioned above. The cool thing about this combination is that, regardless of how much pressure you exert over the surface, you’ll feel a combination of all the layers. With standard foam-layered mattresses, as the pressure grows, you tend to get a feel of each layer. However, Casper managed to combine the layers so effectively, that you get a feel from all of them. This makes the mattress great for all types of people.

The Wave – Firmness Level: 8/10

The Wave is a hybrid foam design, with 5 layers and 11.5 inches thickness. This bed features Hyper-Targeted Support™, a system of polymer layers that allows The Wave to target different areas of your body and support them differently.

We think Casper got their inspiration from the product we reviewed, and they improved the general feel by adding an extra layer of advanced foam. Still, this innovation puts The Wave on the firm side, making it great for back and stomach sleepers.

The Essential – Firmness Level: 4.5/10

The Essential is the budget option, but it’s also the thinnest. With just 8.5 inches in thickness, the structure features 3 layers of designer foam and a softer surface. However, if you tend to sleep on your side and you often wake up with numbed limbs, this may be the perfect product for you.

Open-Cell Foams Sleep Cool Technology

Without getting in too many technical details, it’s important to know that the Open-cell technology is at the root of Casper beds cooling system. This technology opens the foam pores in order to allow the air to circulate. As a result, the heat is pulled away from your body, sent through the first layer, and then dissipated through the entire surface. This is the system that keeps you cool at night!

About Edge Support

Deep Look Into Edge

Since we’re talking about an all-foam structure, you can’t expect really solid edge support. For instance, if you sit on the edge, you’ll get some compression. However, if you lay close to the side, the mattress will distribute your weight through the entire surface, providing some exemplary edge support.

In conclusion, the product is perfect for when you want to share the bed with a partner because it doesn’t make you feel like you would roll over whenever you’re not in the middle.

Also, Consider This

  • 100-night trial (risk-free) – You get to try this amazing product in your home for 100 nights in order to decide if you really want it.
  • Free shipping and returns – The Casper is delivered in a box, at your doorstep, but the transport is free of charge. The same goes for when you need them to come pick it up.
  • They donate the products you don’t want – Each mattress that is sent back will be either donated or recycled. So you don’t have to worry someone else will get stuck with a product that was already tested.
  • White glove delivery – The team will transport the product where you want it to be, they will install it, and clean up after themselves.
  • Snooze specialists at your disposal – Casper has an exceptional customer service program where you can chat with actual sleep specialist!
  • 10-year limited warranty – Extends to the bed and requires you to be the original owner.

Overview of Casper Mattress Review & Rating

9.3 Total Score

We love the fact that Casper is one of the few products designed based on actual sleep science. An entire team of specialists worked relentlessly to create the perfect snooze surface so you can be comfortable at any time!

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If you’re looking for a product that will bring value to your life, The Casper may be just the right choice. With an efficient construction, innovative technologies, and great support for the majority of sleepers, the product doesn’t disappoint.

While reviewing it, we appreciated the Zone Support layer and admired the resiliency of the top layer, but we were also impressed by how well it behaves during hot summer nights. Overall, the product is outstanding and has an interesting vibe that may be just enough to win you over!


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