Unbiased Review of Helix Sleep Mattress (Save Money With Our Promo Code)

Are you ready to enjoy a personalized sleeping experience?

With Helix, each mattress is made to order in the USA, and each interested buyer is asked to answer a 3-minute Sleep Quiz. But make sure to answer honestly and include your partner’s preferences as well because the final product will follow your exact specifications.

At the base, the Helix is a personalized hybrid mattress with an internal structure of pocketed micro coils and a top layer of high-grade foams. In translation, you’ll get to enjoy the wonderful softness of the foam and the push-back action of the coils in one incredible surface!

Of course, we loved reviewing it, and you can read all the juicy details below, but if you’re in a hurry, there’s a summary right here.

Few Reasons Why Helix Mattress Maybe Perfect For You

  • You like the idea of a personalized bed – Helix is set on delivering a unique sleeping experience to every person, which is why the quiz is very important.
  • You’re looking for a bed that will accommodate different positions – Because each product is made according to the client’s needs, every sleeping position in the book should be accounted for (sleeping on back, side or on your front).
  • You and your partner have different sleeping needs – Things can get ugly when partners don’t have the same sleeping behavior, but the Helix is able to help by delivering a product with dual comfort sides and most couples love that.
  • You like the bounciness of springs – Memory foam is great due to motion transfer, but some of us like the bounciness of springs. Thankfully, Helix has both!
  • You want good airflow – No one likes to get hot while sleeping and this snooze surface takes care of this aspect with a great combination of layers that promote airflow.

Reasons Why Helix Bed Maybe Not Be Perfect For You

  • Memory feel is important to you – Yes, Helix does have foam in the top layers, but it’s a Dynamic Foam (proprietary blend) so you won’t get the memory feel altogether.
  • You want an easy to maintain surface – Because each side is tailored to your needs and the ones of your partner, the mattress shouldn’t be flipped or rotated. This may lead to sagginess faster than with other surfaces
  • You’re heavyset and want adequate edge support – Even though it comes with pocketed coils, the edge support is not given special attention. In conclusion, there is special reinforcement, just the regular support memory foam can offer. See our mattresses for people who are overweight.

The Construction and Material Overview

Inside the Helix Mattress

The wonderfulness of hybrid mattresses sits in the perfect blend of materials. So why would you settle for one type of material when you can have the best of all your favorites?

With Helix snoozing surface, you get three major layers that perfectly complement each other, combining softness, comfort, support, and flexibility in one amazing product. But let’s take a look inside and check all the layers:

  • Dynamic Foam – The top layer with contouring and reactive properties. This is the layer that will keep your body temperature just right, and will cradle your body in a sensation of softness mixed with firmness.
  • Pocketed Microcoils – Each coil is separately wrapped to reduce motion transfer to the minimum and still keep the perfect back support for pressure relief and improved airflow.
  • High-Grade Polyfoam – This is where the magic happens (in terms of customization)! Also known as the base layer, Helix uses varying densities of foam to give each of their mattresses a unique feel, according to your preferences.

All these layers are covered with a thin, soft material that can be removed, but only for spot cleaning. If you want more protection, the company recommends getting the washable protector.

Overall, your new bed will be 10-inches thick and you should install it on a flat frame. If you don’t have one already, there’s the possibility to add a Helix frame to your order.

For our review, we chose a medium-firm surface, designed for side sleepers, with high elasticity and moderate cooling. Read about side sleeper beds if you love to sleep on your left or right side. The quiz didn’t take more than 3 minutes and the questions are about your preferences, height and weight, and current mattress. Of course, if you don’t feel the result suits you, there’s always the possibility to re-take the quiz.

Personalize Firmness/Feel

Firmness Reviewed

Firmness Level: Custom/10

Because of the firmness customization possibility, the levels can vary according to each customer’s preferences. Still, the most popular choice is a medium-firm surface with high-responsiveness and a push-back feeling provided by the top layer and the coils.

The product we reviewed was indeed a medium-firm surface, but according to other user’s reviews, you can get anything from firmness level 2 (very soft) to firmness level 10 (very firm).

Sleeping Cool and Temperature

The layers of foam and coils are specially positioned to ensure airflow, but according to your quiz answers, Helix will personalize this feature as well. In conclusion, if you’re sleeping hot and you tend to sweat, they will add layers that increase airflow. On the other hand, if you’re usually cool but your partner likes it warm and cozy, the layer structure will be adjusted.

Edge Support and Motion Transfer Analyzed

Bed Motion Transfer

While reviewing this mattress, the team tested both edge support and motion transfer. The first is not better than fair and doesn’t bring anything new to the regular support, so a heavier person will sink deeper on the edge. However, an average weight person won’t have any issues with sleeping close to the edge.

On the other hand, the motion transfer is impressive! Of course, it’s not the same motion isolation you get with memory foam (learn more), but you can be a light sleeper and you’ll still be comfy if you have a partner that is more active.

Additional Considerations

  • 100% made in the USA – Every aspect of this product from manufacturing to shipment is done using genuine American materials and people.
  • Each mattress is made to order – Helix doesn’t start building a bed without having your specifications and order.
  • Free delivery following the bed-in-a-box system – True to the craze that hit the online mattress niche, the bed is delivered for free, in 6 to 10 days at your doorstep, in a box. Helix ships to all 50 US states and regions in Canada (for which you’ll be charged).
  • 100-night trial – Enough time to test the surface, check the specs, and know if you like it or hate it.
  • 10 years limited warranty – The Warranty covers all manufacturing defects and gives you certain rights that are different from one state to another.
  • You can have the bed custom fit at their NY location – If you’re not comfortable buying online, Helix expects you in their New York location. Just make sure to book an appointment.

Overview of Helix Mattress Review & Rating

9.2 Total Score

We loved the idea of a customized experience that allows both partners to enjoy sweet dreams and the price level. Overall, the Helix is a promising product, with interesting features!

Materials / Quality
Support / Comfort
Cooling Effect
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Value / Cost / Price
Brand Warranty
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Helix Sleep is a hybrid snooze surface that transforms sleeping into a personal, more comfortable experience. With some interesting customization possibilities, the company is looking to provide every customer with a perfect product for their needs.

With a structure that combines all the good features of memory foam, coils, and designer foam, this is a great product that may have the chance of satisfying everyone!


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