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In their try to create the best mattress for everyone, this UK-based company decided that memory foam is still one of the most comfortable materials on the market. While their offer also includes hybrid designs, viscoelastic is used for contouring and surface softness.

Still, given that the traditional material invented by NASA has a tendency to overheat, Hyde and Sleep created Next-Gen Foam, a material that provides the sleeper with comfort and good temperature control.

Below you can read our review on one of the world’s most comfortable mattresses (according to Hyde and Sleep), the Next-Gen Memory Foam. This is the most basic model out of the four available, but you’ll also learn a bit about the other three. We also have a shorter version of our review, available here.

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Hyde and Sleep Mattress Is a Great Fit If

  • You enjoy the viscoelastic traditional feel – The sinking, the contouring, and the general softness are amazing for a wide range of sleepers. So, if you like those, Hyde and Sleep may be perfect for you!
  • You like sleeping on the side or on the back – If you prefer a softer feeling and need that hugging sensation, the Next-Gen Memory Foam may be perfect.
  • You don’t want a bouncy surface – Given that this model doesn’t come with a layer of coils, the surface is not bouncy. Still, there is some flexibility due to the improved type of foam used and the response time is faster.
  • You sleep with a restless partner – Viscoelastic material is great at isolating the moves of a restless partner because it practically absorbs movement. So, if your sleep is disturbed every time your partner turns on the other side, the Hyde and Sleep product will remove this problem from your life.
  • You enjoy a platform that can be set up quickly  The bed is delivered in a box, that’s lightweight enough to be handled by one person. All you have to do is unpack, unwrap, wait for the surface to expand (a few minutes top), and snooze.
  • You want value for your money – This is an award-winning mattress, so you know for sure it comes with outstanding features.

Hyde and Sleep Bed Is Not Great Fit If

  • You must have an innerspring – If the pushback action of springs is your favorite feeling, then you may want to consider the Pocket Spring Hybrid.
  • You are looking for a luxury product – All Hyde and Sleep products are designed with high-quality materials, but they don’t have the bells and whistles of a high-end luxurious product. Of course, they also don’t carry the hefty price tag.
  • Memory foam is not your favorite material – In the case you don’t like being hugged by your mattress, you may want to consider the hybrid design from Hyde and Sleep; it’s firmer.

Different Type of Layers, Materials & Construction

Hyde and Sleep Bed Review with Ratings

Next-Gen Memory Foam is a simple surface, with only two inner layers:

  • Next Gen Foam – A material created by Hyde and Sleep that conveys support and softness at the same time. It is also engineered to keep the surface cool and provides the hug sensation we all love so much.
  • Support Base – Here we have high-density polyurethane foam, shaped to provide good ventilation during the night. There are 7 zones of air flow and ventilation channels to keep everything cool and comfy.

The two layers are encased in a soft, nice-looking cover made of a blend of polyester and Elastane. As part of our review, we tested the stretchiness of the cover, and we are happy to say it behaved amazingly well.

You should also know that the cover is thin to help airflow and that the sides and bottom are dressed in a gray, thicker material for extra protection.

Our Firmness Level Classification

Firmness Level Reviewed

We did a firmness classification for all the four bed available from Hyde and Sleep, so you can see the differences.

Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus – Firmness Level: 7/10

The Hybrid Plus is one of the best hybrids in the market, featuring three inner layers:

  • Next-Gen foam that provides support, contouring, and comfort.
  • Pocketed Individual springs (about 2000 mini HD springs) for variable support and further body contour.
  • The base layer of high-density foam that provides efficient ventilation.

Everything is wrapped in a luxurious, breathable cover that adds to the level of softness. According to users’ reviews, the Hybrid Plus version is a medium firm. This makes it better suited for back and stomach sleepers, who prefer a firmer surface, with less sinking effect.

Next-Gen Memory Foam Plus – Firmness Level: 4.5/10

To provide a softer surface, this model from Hyde and Sleep is equipped with three inner layers, as it follows:

  • Next-Gen foam – Engineered to provide a cooling effect and contouring.
  • Transition layer – Provides support and makes the transition towards the base.
  • Support base – Great for highly effective ventilation and solid support for the layers on top.

According to reviews, the surface here is soft and has a lot of give when you apply pressure. But, given the special characteristic of Next-gen foam, the material responds fast so there will be no stuck in quicksand sensation.

In our opinion, people who will enjoy this surface the most are sensitive side sleepers.

Pocket Sprung Hybrid – Firmness Level: 5.5/10

The main difference between this model and the Plus version stands in the thickness of the layers and the number of coils (only 1200 this time). The mattress is thinner with 3 cm (22 cm as a total) and sports a softer surface in comparison with the Plus model.

We would consider this a medium-soft, and we think side sleepers would enjoy it the most.

Next-Gen Memory Foam – Firmness Level: 6.5/10

Finally, the model we reviewed is a medium and accommodates all types of sleepers and their favorite positions.

Overall, there is some sinkage when you apply pressure, but the bed follows your movements and reacts fast. It also provides back support, due to the high-density foam in the base.

Cooling Thoughts

The layer of Next-Gen foam that can be found in all the Hyde and Sleep products is specially designed to provide the sleeper with a cooling effect. Next, the base is uniquely shaped, with channels and air zones so the airflow will never be hindered, regardless of the type of pressure on top.

Finally, the thin cover allows air to move out and in the surface, and keeps moisture away from the sleeper.

Edge Support

Edge of the Mattress Analysis

For the model we reviewed, edge support is not fantastic. However, this is to be expected from an all-foam design. Still, the other two Hyde and Sleep surfaces (the hybrid ones) are better at this aspect.

The Next Gent Foam surface did behave nicely when we were completely lying on the surface. There was no compression on edge and no rolling out of bed sensation.


  • Free delivery & returns – The bed will be delivered for free, at your doorstep, in a box that’s easy to handle.
  • Old mattress removal – The team that brings in your new bed, will also pick up your old one, but only if you make a special request when you place your order.
  • 100 nights rest test – You have plenty of time to decide if the Hyde and Sleep bed you bought fulfills your expectations.
  • 10 years warranty – Manufacturing defects are covered for a longer period than the life of a standard product, which is 8 years.
  • Low-maintenance design – Hyde and Sleep snooze surfaces can be installed on any flat, solid surface (even on the floor!).

Overview of Hyde and Sleep Mattress Review & Rating

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Wonderful Product

Hyde and Sleep comes with a wide offer of snooze surfaces so we believe anyone will be able to find a comfortable, affordable bed with them

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Hyde and Sleep won several awards with their mattresses, and the products are highly praised by reviewers everywhere. During our review, we understood why people are hyped about it, as the beds are indeed extremely comfortable and provide the necessary back support.

The first fear we had was about overheating, but the type of foam created by Hyde and Sleep is absolutely amazing at keeping heat away from your body at night. We also liked that you can choose between two types of surfaces: foam or hybrid. This opens the door to a lot more sleepers than it would with a universal surface.

Overall, the mattress we reviewed and tested was comfortable, supportive, and it didn’t sleep hot. It’s also easy to install and order, and the team is extremely professional, should you need their advice. In our opinion, Hyde and Sleep is a wonderful brand, and you should consider it in your search for the best snooze surface!

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