Our Thorough Review of Nora Mattress for 2021 – Promo Below

Once we laid our backs on the Nora Mattress, we forgot everything we knew about, well about anything. It’s so comfortable and tall that our first impression was – wow, let’s stay here and nap a little longer. Luxury, nicely packed and affordable, it’s a pleasure to review it.

Nora is 12” tall, and the first thing we noticed was, of course, the surface. It’s plushy and quite firm, but, it somehow invites you to lie down and rest your back like never before.

We tested and reviewed Nora and below you can read the pros and cons and learn all the essential info about it. Don’t feel like reading the whole thing? Here is our short review.

The Nora Bed Is Great For These Sleepers

  • If you love sleeping on firmer surfaces – Made of four luxurious layers, covered with a woven gemstone jade.
  • You love cool and refreshing sleep – Its quilted cover material is made from the gemstone jade that gives the cooling properties. The cooling foam draws heat away from your body and out of the mattress.
  • You care about your body’s natural shape when you sleep – Nora conforms your body’s figure no matter how many times you’ll change positions.
  • You are a fan of high-end and luxury looking beds – For all of you who are into a high-end looking, tall bed that will also comfort you while you rest, then this one is the right for you.

The Nora Mattress Is Not So Good For These Sleepers

  • You hate sleeping on a firm surface – Comes with four layers; it offers firmness, which may not be the best choice for you if your favorite sleeping position is on the stomach.
  • You aren’t a fan of firm tops – The surface layer will not be your favorite if you expect to sink into it.
  • You sleep on your stomach or lightweight – Nora is quite firm and will cause your discomfort if sleeping this way is your go-to position.

Constructions and Materials

The Construct and Materials

Our first impression is that you will not feel the other person toss and turn and we can thank the fantastic construction for it. The mattress is made of ultra-breathable material and is pretty tall (12″). Its four layers are nicely wrapped in a cool cover woven.

Breathable and comfy, it’s made of fantastic trio memory foam, cooling foam, and support foam will hug your body. On top of that there is minimal motion disturbance; excellent choice if you share it with a partner.

  • 2” layer of gel infusion – This is what the cover is made of, and the special material gives the softness to the surface.
  • 3″ thermo-regulating layer – Thanks to this layer you will always have a sweet and refreshing sleep. We’re sure you’ll love that it draws heat off your body and out of the mattress.
  • Two layers (3.5″ each) of high-density support foam – This combo will give you the ultimate balance even if you share it with another person. This dynamic duo is a smart idea because it works as an actual “cure” to those annoying and constant pains in the muscles and bones. It’s an excellent choice for everyone that suffers from pain in their hips and shoulders.
  • Polyurethane – Is the material that fills the composition.
  • Hypoallergenic – All of us who have super sensitive skin know how important this feature is.
  • Removable cover – The soft cover is safe for machine washing. We rated this as a convenient solution.
  • Suitable for adjustable bed frames – You can place it anywhere, and it will fit perfectly (the manufacturers offer various dimensions, so you can pick the one that works best for you).

The Firmness and Softness

Nora – Firmness Level: 7.5/10

We loved that this is a very comfortable bed, even though it’s quite firm. Not only the core is manufactured with firm memory foam (when you sit or lie down you remain on the surface), but the top layer is tight also. The Nora cover feels pretty soft when you touch it and gives you a fresh feeling (thanks to gemstone jade material). The level of firmness is a perfect choice for people who are heavier.

Temperature and Sleeping Cool

Mattress Temp Control

Many people are fans of cooler sleeping and wouldn’t mind seeking for a product that has this feature. Thanks to the smart designers and their care for their customers, you can have it all with this mattress. The jade-infused cover is a real gem because it adds that cool-to-the-touch feeling, making the rest cozy and chill.

The manufacturers guarantee that there won’t be any overheating during your sleep because this fabric will remain a few degrees below the average mattress.  So, finally, you won’t have to remove your favorite blanket or stick your leg out or even get up in the middle of the night because you felt super hot.

Edge Support

How the Edge Feels

Tight mattresses are always a good idea especially for sleeping on it with a partner. The firmer it is, the better edge support it will offer. Nora is not only a firm bed (with soft bedding though) but is an excellent choice for sleepers who don’t want to feel any motion transfers (it’s ideal for light sleepers). One of us laid down, and the other started tossing, standing up, turning and what not. It got a high grade.


  • 100 nights trial sleeps – They offer more than three months of use as a trial period. The company will give you a full refund in case you decide to return it.
  • 10 years warranty – It covers any manufacturer defects.
  • Delivery in 2 days – You get to sleep on it faster than you think.
  • Affordable price – No showrooms, no surprise prices.
  • Breathable layers – You will want to nap a little longer and simply chill and relax.

Overview of Nora Mattress Review & Rating

9 Total Score
Great Pick

Designed to last and to offer a high rest, the final product is firm and tall, ideal for back and side sleepers. We loved the low movement transfer, the softness, and the removable and washable bedding and affordable price.

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Nora is an affordable bed, and ships fast (within two days). The 100 nights trial is as cool as its top jade woven cover (the cooling effect comes from the jade-infused top layer, and we can confirm that it always gives a refreshing feeling, no matter how long you nap or sleep; in case you aren’t satisfied, you’ll get a full refund.  The top cover feels plush and gentle on the skin.

Their mattresses are made with quality materials, free of nasty chemicals and it’s hypoallergenic (the hypoallergenic feature is super important for all of us who have sensitive skin); you will no longer worry about rashes and unpleasant scratching. Add the non-flammable, and non-toxic chemicals, and you get the full package.

There is the great combination of firmness and supreme edge support as well. Overall reviewing was a great experience and we are amazed by Nora.

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