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Lull bed was designed to fit every sleeper’s needs without the confusion of a traditional mattress, or the hassle of a luxury surface. Easy to purchase and install, this bed-in-a-box comes created by mashing together three types of foam.

The result: a comfy surface, with soft and bouncy qualities that’s nice to sleep on, even during hot summer days!

We were curious and reviewed the Lull only to feel in love with its interesting qualities. If you want to know all the details, continue reading, but if only have time for the short version, the summary is here.

Love Lull Mattress If You

  • Enjoy a responsive, memory foam surface – Lull bed incorporates three types of foam, but the layer on top is specially designed to be responsive and offers that contouring feel.
  • Like as little motion transfer as possible – Because it is made of foam, your snooze surface will absorb all the motion, so even the lightest of sleepers can enjoy some Zzzs.
  • Don’t like being hot at night –Lull is covered with a gel-infused top layer which keeps the mattress cool and prevents you from getting too hot while sleeping at night.
  • Need proper back support – Due to the three-layer structure, Lull offers amazing lower back support, cradling the body and aligning the spine.
  • Don’t like the traditional way of shopping a mattress – When you go to a regular store, you have to deal with pushy sales people and test lots of confusing products. This product is available online (exclusively) and there is no middleman.
  • Like free shipping – In line with traditional online mattresses shopping, Lull comes to your doorstep boxed, and shipment is free.
  • Want a bed that works with any surface – Fancy mattresses require a special frame (in most cases), but Lull works with anything. You can even put it on the floor and it will still give you the best sleep experience ever!

Might Not Love Lull Bed If You

  • Want to sink in the mattress – If you are more into that sink in feeling offered by regular viscoelastic foam, you may want to consider another brand.
  • Want a spring mattress – This product is designed with foam so no type of spring is being used in its structure. This also means, the surface won’t have that push-back effect we love in spring coil mattress.
  • Need edge support – Because there are three layers of foam, the edge is not reinforced. This means that you can sleep close to the edge, but when you sit on it, you’ll sink in.

Material and Construction

Materials Inside Lull

The bed is 10 inches thick and, at the base, it is a memory foam design. The inner structure is layered, in order to provide an even feel, so more people can find it useful for their needs.

Starting from top to bottom, the first thing you’ll notice is the cover. To touch, the material is soft and, due to the material composition (polyester and rayon), it allows the air to flow unrestricted. It’s also stretchy so it can perfectly encapsulate the three layers of foam, and it can be removed for spot cleaning.

Under the cover, you’ll find the three layers we’ve been talking about:

  • Memory Foam Infused With Gel (1.5 inches) – Designed for pressure relief and temperature control, this is considered the comfort layer. When you lie on top of it, the body weight is evenly distributed and the surface follows the curves of your body. This is also the only viscoelastic in Lull’s composition, which makes it more responsive than regular similar products.
  • Therapeutic Polyurethane Foam (1.5 inches) – Also known as the transition layer, here is where the back support begins. It’s also the layer that fights the softness of the first layer, offering the bounce back action.
  • Core Support Base Foam (7 inches) – This is the base of the bed and is made of high-density foam, that’s quickly responding to pressure. This is the support for the two layers on top, provides durability and the general shape of the Lull.

Detailed Explanation of Motion Transfer, Sinkage, and Firmness

Firmness Level: 6.5/10

When you first press on the surface, you will sink in because you get in contact with the soft layer. We can say that the first feeling is that of memory foam beds, because the surface cradles your body and molds to your curves. However, you will be able to move around and change positions without the standard foam feeling, due to the middle layer, which is responsive.

Overall, the surface is a medium-firm, but on the softer side. This means that no matter the sleeping posture (back, left or right side, or stomach), your weight will be evenly distributed and no pressure points will form.

Because the top layer is softer, the motion transfer is at a minimum level. The layer in the middle is also quite soft, which is why you can sleep with an agitated partner or a pet, without feeling any disturbing motion.

Temperature and Cooling Regulation

The top layer is in charge of temperature control, and does a fantastic job due to the gel polymer infusions. This opens the foam’s dense structure, allowing the air to flow and evenly distribute your body core temperature through the entire surface.

The cover is also designed to breathe, so yes, Lull will keep you cozy during the night, even if outside it is torrid summer.

The Therapeutic Support

Lull Has Excellent Reviews

The transition layer is in charge of back support, which is why it is bouncier than the first. While the first layer is designed to offer comfort, the fast responsiveness of the second layer comes in and keeps the spine perfectly aligned.

To make sure the support is indeed at optimum levels, the 7-inch base is designed to help the middle layer in its job, by providing shape and firmness where needed.

Our Notes to Consider

  • 10 years warranty – The company stands behind their product and covers all mattress defects listed in the warranty agreement.
  • 100-night trial – Should you decide to return it, you can ask them to take it back, and you’ll get a full refund.
  • Products are thoroughly tested – To make sure the quality stays the same, they test movement and compression, height, and firmness and responsiveness every several products.
  • All the foams are CertiPUR-US® Certified – No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and the company is trying to minimize off-gassing as much as possible.
  • Free shipping and return – In true bed-in-a-box character, the product is delivered to your doorstep for free. In the case of a return, you don’t have to put the mattress back in the box; they’ll take it fully expanded.

Overview of Lull Mattress Review & Rating

9.1 Total Score
Unique Features

Lull combines all the great features of a bed-in-a-box, and cleverly combines three different types of foam into a comfy and cool surface!

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Support / Comfort
Cooling Effect
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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The Lull mattress is one of the many wonderful products that can be bought online, using a transparent and easy to understand system. The thing that sets it apart from the crowd is the smart combination of foams that offers sleepers the wonderful comfort of memory foam and the bounciness of a firm surface.

The designer foam on top ensures perfect temperature control, while the firm base gives it shape and support. During our reviews, we learned that this is the perfect snooze surface for all types of sleeping positions, because it doesn’t create pressure points.

The Lull offers the perfect combination of soft and firm!

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