Review of Tuft and Needle Mattress (Promo Code)

Tuft and Needle is a well-known name in the online mattress industry and is one of the few companies that manage to offer a high-quality product at such low prices.

Tuft and Needle mattress is an innovative product, created by two Silicon Valley engineers who claim to be honest about the price of comfort. In their opinion, simple is best, and that’s exactly what they did with the T&N bed; they removed the unnecessary layers and created materials that respond to sleeper’s needs.

As you can imagine, we were rather curious to review such a wonderful snooze surface! We did our tests and below you can read about all our findings. However, if you’re more into fast reading, our summary is here.

You’ll Enjoy Tuft and Needle Mattress If

  • You like soft and comfy, but bouncy – The T&N bed is designed to offer the softness and comfort of foam, but it doesn’t allow the body to sink in. It’s the ‘sleepover’ kind of surface (opposite to the ‘sleep in’ kind of surface).
  • You want an easy to understand product without paying too much – We loved the Tuft & Needle level of transparency and honesty. In their opinion, more does not equal better and this is why they made the construction so simple. It’s also one of the most affordable on the market.
  • You don’t like sweating at night –T&N surface is specially designed to allow air to flow, which also means you won’t overheat and it sleeps a bit cooler than the competition.
  • You love sleeping on your back – During our review, we tested several positions, but people who usually sleep on their back felt more comfortable. This happens because the surface is firm and highly responsive. This way, it offers the perfect lumbar support and doesn’t allow the butt to sink in.
  • You need a surface that works with most frames – As long as it’s solid and supports the mattress in a proper manner, any frame would do. You don’t have to spend your money on fancy products.

You’ll Not Enjoy Tuft and Needle Bed If

  • You are into the memory foam feel – Viscoelastic is a nice material for a snooze surface but it doesn’t give the bounce. It’s true, it has some cool features, but Tuft & Needle tried to improve upon the foams used – see this buyer’s guide if you want a foam type.
  • You don’t trust two-layer beds – If you are the kind of person who needs layers over layers to know they got a good product, the T&N will probably be a disappointment. Still, we think you should give it a chance. For multiple layers, we suggest hybrid types.
  • You’re a very sensitive side sleeper – For those who sleep on one of their sides, you need a very soft mattress to sleep comfortably, you should consider another brand. The T&N is rather on the firm side of the spectrum.
  • You want a 100% natural surface – Tuft Needle mattresses have foam surface. Of course, no harmful chemicals are used during manufacturing and the product is certified by CertiPUR-US, GREENGUARD, and OEKO-TEX. However, you won’t find organic or natural fibers in any of the layers.

Type of Foam and Materials

Reviewing the Construction

When you first get in contact with the Tuft and Needle snoozing surface, you may feel a bit on the edge because the product is affordable and there are only two layers of foam inside. However, once we reviewed it, we learned you don’t need anything more to feel comfy in your bed.

The company’s policy is simplicity, honesty, and transparency, and they’d rather focus on using high-end materials that offer support and comfort than add layers just to inflate the price. As a result, both layers are designer foam:

  • T&N Adaptive® Foam (3 inches) – The main problem with viscoelastic is the quicksand feeling, where you can’t really move freely during sleep. Well, the T&N Adaptive foam was designed to be far from that, so it is responsive and offers the perfect combination of firmness and comfort. The first layer is infused with graphite and cooling gel to wick the heat out and keep it away from your body.
  • Support Foam – The only thing every good snooze surface needs is a solid base. This is why the T&N 7-inch support layer is the ideal base – it offers great back support, helps the layer above maintain its flexibility, and handles pressure admirably. According to online reviews, due to the base, even heavier persons can sleep on this bed.

Finally, everything is kept together with a breathable cover, made of micro polyamide and polyester that is known to dry quickly (faster than cotton). This is useful for the temperature regulation process and helps the top layer in keeping the sleeper cool during slumber.

How is the Firmness?

The company produces two mattresses: Mint and T&N (which is the one we’ve reviewed). However, to make sure you have all the information for the best decision, we will talk about both products’ firmness settings.

T&N Mattress – Firmness Level: 6.5/10

After having reviewed it, we think the T&N product is a medium firm (click here). This means it will probably suit the vast majority of sleepers since this is the most popular firmness setting. However, you must also know that, because there is no transition layer, the firmness will feel different for heavier people. If the soft layer is fully compressed, you’ll start feeling the firmer base quite fast – there is no in-between.

As an average weight person, you’ll feel that the top is soft, responsive, and very comfortable. It also provides good pressure relief and accommodates all types of sleeping positions. Still, after the review, we consider back sleepers to be the happiest with T&N beds. So, for those people who prefer sleeping on their backs, this is one of the best options.

Mint Mattress – Firmness Level: 6/10

The Mint is thicker (12-inches) and has an extra layer in the middle designed to make the transition from the soft layer to the firm base. This is why it feels a bit softer than T&N model. The difference is also made by the fact that it contains 30% more graphite and cooling gel, and the cover is thicker and better.

Temperature and Cooling at Night

Flow of Air in Mattress

Due to the breathable cover and the top layer that is infused with cooling gel and graphite, T&N model creates a cooling effect regardless of the season.

Even more, the cover is thinner than with other similar products we reviewed, and this enhances the air flow and keeps the entire surface breathing.

Things to Consider About the Edge Support

Edge support is important when you are sharing the bed with a partner. Regardless of size, you will eventually end up on edge during the night, and you need to feel supported.

Tuft and Needle did a great job with this aspect and we believe it’s due to the firm base. The top layer does compress a bit when you’re actually lying close to the edge, but the mattress doesn’t lose shape. This means that you won’t suddenly wake up in the middle of the night because you feel you’re rolling out of bed.

Even more, when you’re sitting on the side, you are just as supported. Of course, things could’ve been better and heavier people will see a bit more compression on edge, but considering the foam construction, we believe it to be quite nice.

Other Notes

  • 100-night sleep trial – Should you decide to return your T&N during the trial period, they will contact a charity of your choice, and they will remove it for free.
  • 10-year warranty – This is a non-prorated warranty, and all the manufacturing and workmanship defects are covered.
  • 100% money back – In the case you decide Tuft and Needle is not for you, the initial investment will be fully refunded.
  • Shipped in a box – The product comes in a small box (for most foams sold online) and it takes only a few minutes to unpack and expand.
  • Off-gassing only takes a few hours – There will be a smell (characteristic of foam products), but it usually goes away fast.
  • Free shipping – The company takes care of all the aspects of shipping. You just have to place the order and, in 1 to 5 business days, the box will be delivered.

Overview of Tuft and Needle Mattress Review & Rating

9 Total Score
Fantastic Budget Choice

T&N is innovative, supportive, and comfy and comes at a great price! Of course, it has no bells and whistles, but it’s one of the best you can hope for on such a budget.

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If you like simple things and enjoy working with an honest company, T&N bed should be on your list. It is easy to buy and install, and it doesn’t require days of research to understand its composition.

We loved the overall feel, the good back support, and the way it keeps the heat away (even on summer nights). It’s great to share with a partner or a few pets, and very easy to maintain.

Overall, the T&N mattress is the perfect budget choice!

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