Our Complete Review of Nuvanna Mattress for 2021 w/ Promo Code

Everyone’s goal in life is to live a healthy and balanced life, and in order to achieve that, you need a good night of rest. Nuvanna is the brand new startup that will allow your dreams to come true. With an experienced CEO, innovation experts, and a simple online buying process, the company brings the latest trends at your door that will enable you to sleep well.

The Nuvanna mattress is created to ease the stress from the hectic world we live in. Its comfortable design provides support for all body types, and it fits different types of beds. It also incorporates awesome features like the cooling one that will keep your body at the perfect sleeping temperature.

Therefore, we stepped in our superheroes’ shoes, and we reviewed and created this article to help you with your buying decision. Also, you can check our super short overview here.

Nuvanna Mattress Will Be a Perfect Fit if

  • You want it to suit your existing bed frame perfectly – Most of the time, buying a new mattress means buying a new bed as well. But, that is not the case with Nuvanna. It’s tailored to fit all of the bed frames and platforms, no matter whether you have a flat platform, slatted base, adjustable bed or you simply decide to place it on the floor. The options are limitless, and the choice is yours.
  • You would like something that will minimize the pressure points – You won’t have to worry anymore whether you’ll wake up with a sore neck the next morning. Nuvanna is created to lower the stress and redistribute the pressure evenly throughout the body.
  • You want an easy set-up – Its delivered to your doorstep in a 3 feet high box that can be easily moved within the house. You can put it to use by just removing it from the box, unrolling it and by removing the plastic cover. Afterward, it will expand itself in just a few minutes, and you can sleep away all of your troubles.
  • You want to sleep at a cool temperature – Even though foam mattresses adapt to the body temperature and might make you hot and sweaty, Nuvanna will do exactly the opposite. It has the Tencel Cover with moisture-wicking fibers which are highly breathable, soft and cool. Also, it has a phase-change gel that distributed the heat and keeps your body at the right cool sleeping temperature.

Nuvanna Bed Will Not Be a Perfect Fit if

  • You are looking for an affordable alternative – A wise man once said that high quality comes at a price and we can’t agree more. Foam mattresses are in general more expensive than spring ones. However, Nuvanna might be on the higher end of the price spectrum, due to its special design and the production technology used.
  • You want reliable feedback from other long-term customers – If you value other people’s reviews before buying something valuable, then you’ll be disappointed to see that there is not much feedback on Nuvanna. That’s because the product hasn’t been present on the market long enough. However, there is plenty of good feedback on customer service and delivery.
  • You fancy thicker surfaces – Even though it’s comprised of three layers. Nuvanna is not the typical thick mattress that you can find in almost every store. However, the support and comfort are not diminished because of that.

Layers and Materials That Make Up the Bed

Mattress Layers Reviewed By Experts

On the surface, the product is coated with the special Tencel Cover. The cover is what makes Nuvanna an extraordinary solution for your troubles. It’s made of soft and highly absorbent textile fibers, which improves its overall performance. Also, the most important feature is its cooling effect that will enable you to sleep at the right temperature.

Underneath the cover, the mattress is constructed of 3 layers:

  • 1st Layer – Also referred to as the ascension layer or the one that gives rise to the mattress. The top layer is constructed of a 2” adaptive foam that incorporates the phase-change gel particles. It’s in charge of providing you with the proper support and comfort for a good night of rest. Also, the gel particles will keep the optimum body temperature throughout the whole night.
  • 2nd Layer – This one is the balancing layer, that’s in charge of lowering any additional motion. It’s made of 2”, 4-pound density memory foam that provides a great contour to your body and centralizes any motion transfer so that you can have your disruption-less and deeper sleeping experience.
  • 3rd Layer – The foundation layer is the base. Its function is to provide the ultimate support and to relieve the pressure from your body. It’s made of 6”high-density layer that eliminates that feeling of quicksand.

Firmness Rating

This feature is important if you want your product to be thick. This product is not that thick, so be sure to consider this carefully.

The Nuvanna – Firmness Level: 6/10

The Nuvanna product can be ideally described as not too firm and not too soft. The top layer is very responsive, and therefore it’s really adjustable to your body and sleeping positions. Because of its medium firmness level, it’s suitable for all of you who like sleeping on their side.

On top of that, you won’t get to experience that sinking feeling as you can experience it with other foam mattresses. It’s still soft but provides support for your whole body, especially the lower back. You’ll not have to worry if changing positions will affect your comfort because the top layer quickly adapts to satisfy your needs.

Sleeps Cool or Hot

Analysis of Sleeping Hot

After reviewing it, we found out that the Tencel Cover is the most valuable player of the whole product’s construction. Due to its ability to regulate and distribute the temperature throughout the body, you’ll not have to worry whether you’ll sleep cool.

Keeping you cool at the right body temperature is the cover’s main role, and you will not have any troubles with sleeping hot. This revolutionary cover is made of an eco-friendly material that absorbs moisture, prevents bacteria and on top of that, it doesn’t have any chemical additives. Satisfied customers claim that the cover can keep you cooler than regular bed linen.

Edge Support

Pressure Support on the Edge

As it’s the case with almost every foam mattress, the edges of the Nuvanna are not that solid. In other words, when you sit on the edges, you should expect to sink down.

However, if you don’t often sit on the edges of the bed, this product is still a good choice for laying on the surface as it will distribute your weight evenly. Therefore, you won’t have to have any concerns whether you will roll over to your partner’s side whenever you change sleeping positions.


  • 100 Days of Risk-free Trial – Nuvanna cares about its customers and therefore will enable you a free trial of 100 days. During that time you get to experience it at its fullest and check if it suits all of your requirements.
  • 10 Year Warranty – Nuvanna firmly believes in the quality of its products, and therefore it offers a 10-year warranty.
  • Free Shipping – Because their customer services are outstanding, Nuvanna takes care of the shipping expenses. Honestly, you will have nothing to lose here.
  • If not satisfied, Nuvanna donates your mattress – If the product is not the right match for you, then the company will donate it to the Salvation Army or any other charitable organization around the world.

Overview of Nuvanna Mattress Review & Rating

9 Total Score

We are in awe of its extraordinary comfort and support that makes it attractive for everybody. Also, we cannot help but love the Tencel Cover that keeps us cool, allowing for a deep sleeping experience.

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If spending a few more bucks than usual on a top-notch mattress is not a problem for you, the Nuvanna might be the right choice for you. With its durable construction, innovative features and highly comfortable top level, it may exceed all of your expectations.

After reviewing it, we admire the technology used in the making the Nuvanna and the incorporated psychology behind the bed’s comfort. Therefore, we hope that with our review we have genuinely impacted your decision-making process and will contribute to a better and rejuvenated sleeping experience.

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