Our Review of Dream Cloud Mattress for 2021 (Promo Code)

The DreamCloud mattress is the closest you’ll get to sleeping like royalty without breaking the bank. The producers like to present it as a luxury hybrid bed that combines 8 layers of the best memory foam, latex, coil technology and tufting. Grab your DreamCloud coupon code below!

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$200 OFF DreamCloud Sleep Coupon

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According to the specifications, it is also the only handcrafted snooze surface with TrueTufted™ Cashmere Top. Now, if we also consider the level of service they offer and the other perks it brings, we have to admit, we felt like dealing with a luxury beds company. During the review, we were happy to notice that all the features were indeed as described. Even so, the mattress may not be for everyone. To learn if it’s a good fit for you, continue reading or check out our summary here.

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DreamCloud Bed Will Be Amazing For You If…

  • You like thick, plush surfaces – You can’t expect for a luxury mattress to be a hard surface so you shouldn’t expect DreamCloud to ignore this aspect. The plush on top is hand tufted and nice to touch, and we liked that it forms a wavy pattern.
  • You like a bed with more than three layers – DreamCloud has eight so you should be extremely happy about this aspect! Of course, the price is a tall bed (15 inches), but this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • You enjoy perfect back support – Hybrid surfaces are known to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to support. Still, this product combines the softness of cashmere with the density of foam and the springiness of coils to provide sleepers with the best support ever.
  • You need a surface with good temperature control – We all have special needs when it comes to the sleeping temperature, which is why this surface features cooling systems in both the foam and the coils.
  • You enjoy the balance between contour and push-back support – Since it’s a hybrid mattress, the top layers will provide you with great contouring comfort while the ones on the bottom give the support you need to stay healthy and happy.

DreamCloud Mattress Will Not Be Good For You If…

  • You need the memory foam feel – This is a bouncy surface, even though there is enough contouring to feel extremely comfy. Even more, the pushback action of the springs will definitely eliminate any memory foam idea from your mind.
  • You like a standard-size surface – To provide you with all the possible comfort, the DreamCloud surface includes 8 layers, which led to a significantly taller final product. So, if you plan on using a standard bed frame, the extra height may be inconvenient.
  • You need to spend more to be sure it is a high-quality product – We know it’s difficult to believe luxury beds can come at such prices, but the Company manages to cut off costs by producing the surface in America and selling it online (the cut out the middleman).
  • You like a removable cover – Because the cover is hand tufted, there’s no chance to remove and wash it. Still, you can spot clean it, using recommended cleaning products.

Materials, Layers and Construction

Dream Cloud Latex Layers

DreamCloud is a very interesting snooze surface, and you should know a bit about each element that makes it so wonderful.

First, we have the hand-tufted cashmere cover, which is amazingly soft while also providing the rest of the layers with breathability. It’s also designed to be bedbugs resistant, to avoid any creepy crawlies setting camp in your luxury mattress.

Second, there is a layer of gel infused memory foam that adheres to the cover to provide the plush, contouring support we definitely enjoyed while reviewing it. Not to mention, the gel is designed to keep your body temperature from rising during the night.

With the third layer, you get that super-soft cloud-like surface only luxury surfaces bring. This layer is made of quilted foam, and it is unique to this product.

Fourth in line is the supreme natural latex layer that keeps the entire surface hypoallergenic and adds a bit of flexibility to the mix.

Dreamplush supporting memory foam is what you’ll find in the fifth layer. In translation, this is a high-density layer of foam, and its main purpose is to support the four ones on top.

Right above the layer of pocketed coils, there is a layer of super dense, super soft memory foam that makes the transition between the bedding on top and the coils. It’s also in charge of spine alignment and adjusting the surface to every sleep position.

Finally, the seventh layer is where the coils reside, but it’s not a regular set of springs like you would probably expect. This bedding section is separated into five pressure zones to offer the perfect type of support, right where you need it.

The last sheet of bedding is another high density, super soft memory foam area that continues the springs’ action when it comes to support.

Firmness Level Inspected

Dreamcloud – Firmness Level: 6.5/10

DreamCloud has only one firmness level (medium-firm), but it’s the setting appreciated by most sleepers all over the country.

While reviewing it, we tested several sleeping positions, and the surface accommodated everyone’s quirks. As a result, we can recommend DreamCloud to all types of sleepers, even people who tend to change positions while in slumber.

The bed starts soft and contours to your body, but the firmer layers in the middle provide sleepers with good support. However, because there are several layers of foam with different densities, DreamCloud cradles and pushes back at the same time offering lumbar support and the cloud-sleeping sensation.

DreamCloud is a hybrid, and it’s important to understand that the coils have the role to keep the layers on top from sagging. Many foam products with too many layers face this problem, but with the help of springs, DreamCloud eliminated this risk.

Finally, the inner-structure of the bedding features several layers of slow-responding material in order to reduce motion transfer to the minimum. As a result, even if it is a hybrid, DreamCloud will not allow you to feel your partner’s movement during sleep.

Temperature Control Features

With so many layers of foam, it’s absolutely normal to worry about overheating! However, this product is specially designed with several cooling systems that help regulate body temperature while you sleep.

  • First, there is the coil system that allows for air to circulate at the mattress’s core. This improves breathability and helps in dissipating the heat that comes from the layers above.
  • Second, some of the viscoelastic sheets of material are infused with gel. This system is known to be extremely effective in all types of foam and reduces foam’s tendency to keep heat inside.
  • Finally, there is a layer of natural latex that is aerated and doesn’t retain heat from the start.

However, considering the amount of viscoelastic material inside this bed, you may get some extra heat, especially after a while. This didn’t happen during our review, but if you are extremely sensitive to heat while sleeping, making sure to pay attention to this aspect while still in the trial period.

Edge Support

Audit of Support

Hybrid mattresses have good edge support from the start, due to the layer of coils. However, DreamCloud has several layers of foam on top, so while reviewing it, we were extra curious to see how it reacts when you add pressure around the edges.

Well, while there is some compression when you sit on the edge, sleeping on it will feel extremely comfy. The surface remains solid regardless of where you sleep, and this is the aspect that matters the most.


  • 365-night trial period – There’s no better sign that a company will stand by their product than a lengthy trial period. The producer feels it is important clients should have the chance to test their Dream Cloud through each season.
  • Everlong warranty – Another sign of confidence in the product is a strong warranty. DreamCloud offers lifetime coverage, and they will even clean and re-condition the surface for free if needed.
  • Free shipping & returns – You don’t like the product? You can simply ask the company to come pick it up and return your money! Oh, and the initial shipping is free as well.

Overview of DreamCloud Review & Rating

9.4 Total Score
Luscious & Precious

DreamCloud features a superb surface, with plush softness, cashmere luxury, and impressive support. It may be taller than usual, but the mattress screams high-quality!

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We all want to know how it feels to be one of the few lucky ones who can afford better than average, and DreamCloud is the perfect way!

The producer managed to design a luxury mattress that comes at an affordable price without cutting out any of the perks! They used amazing materials that are usually reserved for high-end boutiques and pretentious buyers, and created a beautiful online mattress.

DreamCloud impressed us when we reviewed their mattresses with the level of comfort it provides, without skimping on back support. It’s true that it can be intimidating at first, but once you get to understand it, you’ll see there’s nothing to fear.

At the end of the day, this is an innovative product, with plenty of features and lots of care for high-quality sleep.

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