Highest Rated Couple’s Beds For 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Every couple comes to the stage of purchasing a mattress and if both of them aren’t on the same page, then it can be a real drama.

Matching your sleeping habits and bed preferences with your significant other can be a real challenge, especially when both of you seek a mattress that will meet your standards.

Perhaps the thought of compromising your needs with those of your partner makes you nervous, but you don’t have to worry. Today the market offers all sorts of couples mattresses who need best type so that it can successfully meet the needs of both partners.

You can find anything from memory foam or innersprings combined with some softer layers with latex; stores are doing their best to meet the standards of their buyers.

Before you two agree on what you are looking for, we suggest you read our guide and shortlist of reviewed mattresses. We’ll discuss important features such as motion transfer, coolness, cost, firmness, and materials and so on.

But first, let’s check the short review list with our choices.

How To Buy the Perfect Couple Mattress?

First of all, you and your partner should discuss this topic before you start the buying process. Make sure your needs have at least several mutual criteria so that can be your initial point.

Couples need a mattress that won’t be too firm or too soft (in case you two have different preferences).

Pick something that will be ideal for every sleeping position so the two of you can adjust well and rest without pain or pressure. Your bed should offer you excellent edge support since you will sleep near the sides. The motion transfer should be low if you want to sleep without any disturbance. Above all, your bed should be comfortable.

Motion Transfer & Sinkage 

Motion transfer is an important feature for couples, especially if one partner tends to tosses and turns during the night. Usually, foam layers will provide you with a low motion transfer, since foam tends to absorb every vibration that comes from your partner’s side.

The entire bed shouldn’t move when one of you gets up or turns around; pick a mattress that remains calm and steady. It will save you from many arguments, discomfort, and disturbance.

Innersprings and hybrids also have a good motion transfer, (depending on how many foam or latex layers they have).

When comes to sinkage, if both of you have different ideas of how deep you should sink in, it’s highly recommended to pick a moderate firm bed. No matter if it’s memory foam, hybrid or innersprings, the top layers are usually made with softer responsive materials; your weight should be evenly distributed on the surface.

The sinkage will also depend on how deep compression you make; bear in mind your favorite sleeping position as well. If both of you are stomach or back sleepers, stay away from mattresses that tend to sink into the core.

A little response to your weight will feel nice, so you get an easier adjustment and soft sleeping surface, but anything deeper may cause you discomfort and lack of support.


Having enough space is crucial for couples. Both of you should have enough space to roll, adjust, turn and spread your legs. The bed should be long and wide enough, so you don’t intrude each other space.

You can find plenty of spacious beds on the market, depending on your budget and preferences. Usually, most couples pick queen size (60×80 inches), which is wide and long enough for both sleepers.

Another popular option is the king size (76×80), a little more spacious than queen, and great for couples with one child.

If you have a bigger budget and a more spacious room you can purchase a split king (38×80 each side) or California king size (72×84). These two sizes are spacious enough so you and your children and pets can sleep comfortably. Don’t forget that you will also need suitable bedding for such big mattress.

Temperature Control (Sleeping Hot)

Besides comfort and support, this feature should be taken seriously. You will probably share the bedding, so naturally, the temperature will be higher than when you sleep alone.

You will need a fresh rest, so you need to pick a construction made of breathable layers (innersprings are an excellent choice) or fabrics that provide coolness (latex). Memory foam constructions have layers or bedding with infused gel or copper (both will give you the desired coolness).

Pick a mattress that won’t keep the heat in, but it would rather draw it off the sleeping surface; also make sure you invest in a bed with organic materials (cotton or wool) that will always be dry and fresh for rest.


A couple needs a bed for sexual activities that will endure all sorts of movements, including sex. Your bed should feel comfortable and must not cause you any pressure during your intimate moments.

Bounce is a great feature for this activity so that you won’t put too much effort (it will help you keep your rhythm as well). A super firm surface may feel uncomfortable for sex and may reduce the bounce.

Latex is a great choice for couples that care for bounce while having sex. It doesn’t make any noise (if you don’t want to be heard) like it may be the case with innersprings. This material is also very durable (in general), so you may relax and enjoy your private moments as much as you want.

Innersprings have enough bounce and will allow you to adjust without any problems, but they may produce some sounds, and with time they can wear off (much faster than any other material).

Hybrids are perhaps one of the top choices (they have the best from both worlds – foam or latex and innersprings) – you’ll have enough comfort, bounce, durability, and comfort.


The budget is the main course for most couples.  Usually,  stores will offer you much more expensive mattresses, but you will get the chance to touch, see and test the bed right there and then. On the other hand, online stores have far richer offers and for reasonable prices, but you will have to trust the reviews and the website information.

If you still decide to purchase your bed from an online store, you will find some pretty good deals (especially around holidays, and in general they often offer promotions and discounts) for a queen size bed.

We have come across some excellent and high-end comfortable beds that didn’t cost more than $1000. Check our reviews for affordable mattresses.


If you can’t stand noise coming from your bed (no matter what activity you have), then you should stay away from innerspring beds (especially open coils). If your final choice as a couple is still a bed with innersprings, the top-grade solution will be construction with pocketed or micro-coils that will provide you with bounce, contorting, support and breathability.

Open coils are a standard and not so expensive material, but you can expect them to make squeaky noises and wear off much faster. Continuous coils may provide you with the high-grade edge support and contouring, but they will make some noise (especially if your bed doesn’t contain any transitional layers such as memory foam).

The top-grade construction that won’t make noise is an all-foam or latex mattress. You can be sure that there won’t be any unpleasant noise when you move, get up or have sex.

Tips to Sleeping Comfortably with a Partner

Your mattress can be a comfortable place ideal for love and intimacy, or it can set a war between the two of you. It’s important to purchase the one that is the closest to your preference so both of you can sleep in peace.

Since there is no guide on how couples should sleep, you and your partner should make a deal (or at least compromise) when comes to the firmness, materials, support and so on.

If you can agree upon the most common sleeping position for both of you, you can easily set the point that will guide you towards buying your bed.

Different Spouse Sleep Position

If the bed is spacious enough, couples shouldn’t have any problem. If your spouse sleeps on their back and you sleep on your stomach, you won’t have issues agreeing upon firmness.

But, what happens if one of you is a side sleeper and the other sleeps on their stomach. Side sleepers require softer mattresses while stomach sleepers usually require a firmer bed for proper spine alignment which can only be achieved with a moderately or firm sleeping surface.

Either one of you should change the position, or you will have to buy a bed that isn’t going to the polar opposite (too firm or too soft).

She Needs Soft, He Needs Firm

One the partners may be a back sleeper who loves firm sleeping surfaces, while the other enjoys falling asleep on their side and moving on their stomach. Side sleepers are better off with softer surfaces, so this instantly becomes a problem.

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A couple can solve this problem by being focused on buying an adjustable base compatible mattress (there are many 3-in-1 beds) so you can occasionally re-adjust the layers. This way both of you will be content (at least for a while). Also, you can pick a mattress with two sides (it would be as if you invested in two mattresses) and switch the sides occasionally.

If you aren’t into adjusting layers and prefer a bed that is static, then stick to something that’s in the middle of the firmness range.

Moderate firmness (especially foam or hybrid) is a great choice for every sleeping position. Couples will be satisfied and won’t feel any pressure, pain or discomfort.

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This can be a real problem for many couples. Couples that go through cranky and uneasy nights because one of them snores and the other is irritated and constantly wakes them up, can face problems that very often can end with divorce or breakup.

Plus, this condition is seriously damaging the snorer’s health.

The most recommended sleeping position for a snorer (or a couple of snorers) are side or stomach, and if both of you enjoy these sleeping positions, then the problem will be solved fast. But, what if your loved one sleeps on their back and refuses to switch to their side for example?

The solution lies in a quality mattress that will distribute the sleeper’s weight properly (aligned spine) combined with a pillow that elevates the head just enough so it stops the annoying sound.

Seek a mattress with medium firmness; memory foam is perhaps the greatest choice because they adjust to the body frame and contour the body, not allowing any part behind (when the body is well snuggled the chances to snore are pretty low).



Foam is a popular and affordable material and you can find endless offers on the market. The firmness can vary (especially today manufacturers use modern technology that allows them to add different layers of firmness that complete a comfortable and supportive mattress). Usually, made out of high-end memory foam bed wrapped in a plushy cover that works both as a soft layer and bedding.

The edge support can be equally good as in hybrids or innersprings, although you can expect a little sinkage (this is normal for foams). It’s important that the sinking isn’t drastic, so your weight gets proper distribution.

Foam mattresses are excellent absorbents of motion vibrations, and they will provide the couple with calm and peaceful sleep. Make sure you pick a foam mattress that has cooling effects (gel and breathable cover), so your rest remains free of sweating and overheating.


Springs will give you the highest quality of contouring and support, two important features for couples. Whether your choice will be pocketed, open or micro coils, this mattress will last longer and will endure every activity you have (getting up, tossing, turning, sex, jumping, etc.).

Quality spring mattresses are a smart and long-term investment that provides a natural and free airflow (through the spring layer).

If they are combined with at least one layer with soft padding (foam or latex), the comfort will be excellent). You can expect to get enough bounce as well.

When comes to absorbing the motion vibrations, they do a good job (but again, there should be a layer of foam or latex to give the perfect result).

If the springs are a cheaper option (open coils for example), you can expect some noise with time, and they won’t last that long (as micro or pocketed coils).


This is another popular material (especially natural mattresses made from latex) that provides fresh feeling during your rest. Latex is a great foam substitute because it’s equally responsive to the sleeper’s body, but it also has enough bounce (great for easy adjustment and sex), plus it’s often used for its durability and cooling effects.

You can expect to get wonderful edge support since latex is naturally a firm material and if it’s combined with springs, then you will get the best from both worlds.

This material naturally draws heat off the surface and is resistant to mold and dust mites. If you seek a hypoallergenic natural mattress, then latex should be your first choice.

From all the latex mattresses we’ve tested so far, we can say that this material is an excellent pressure reliever; your spine will be kept in a natural position, and the response is satisfying.

Water Mattress

This is perhaps the least popular but somehow exotic option for couples. Yes, it seems attractive and comfortable, but most couples wouldn’t want to invest their money in this type of mattress.

Water mattress can provide you with all the bounce you want (especially for sex), but let’s not forget that the water won’t remain still and every movement will cause waves. Perhaps for some people, this seems like an attractive idea, but most couples wouldn’t want to be disturbed like this.

If you still want to get a water mattress, make sure you pick one that contains at least three layers that reduce waves, and that has excellent fiber support for your back. Although at the beginning it may seem relaxing and cool, you have to think long-term – it must provide you with decent support.

Our Top-Grade Couples’ Mattress Reviews

Nectar – Best Value


  • Low motion transfer
  • Cooling effect
  • Great support and comfort
  • Top class materials
  • Forever warranty

Our Ratings: 9.6/10

Nectar has a moderate firmness which is ideal for every sleeping position (stomach sleepers will have a restful night). It’s an all-foam bed that doesn’t sink too much and will keep the spine aligned.

The foam layers are breathable enough to provide both sleepers with a fresh and cool rest free of sweating.  The first layer is infused with gel, and the quilted cover is soft. All fabrics and materials are breathable.

We recommend it for couples because of its durability and the lifetime warranty. Couples should pick moderate firm beds because they are the most suitable for every position. You will also get cradling and great contouring thanks to the slow responsive memory foam.

The foam has good edge support, although you can expect some sinkage (your weight will be properly distributed). Nectar will absorb every motion vibration so both partners can sleep peacefully.

Be sure to read our Full Review if you want to see how Nectar did during our tests.

Puffy – Ideal Comfort


  • Memory foam
  • High-density polyfoam center
  • All-foam layers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Worldwide shipping

Our Ratings: 9.5/10

We picked Puffy for this list of beds for couples because it’s a moderately firm, one of the best option for couples (it will meet your needs no matter what position you both sleep in).

This all-foam mattress made in the USA, won’t make you feel pressured when resting on it. In fact, it will improve your bloodstream, and your body will have a proper blood circulation which if blocked is the main culprit for pressure and pain.

You and your partner will wake up energized and free of any pain. The foam is infused with gel, so your sleep will be fresh.

Expect a proper weight distribution and decent edge support; the manufacturer used modern technology to make a foam construction that won’t let you sink in. The motion transfer is low, the vibration from your partner’s tossing and turning won’t be felt on your side.

Like the sound of Puffy? Find more about this type in our complete review here.

Layla – Terrific for Both


  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • Two sides
  • Thermo regulated
  • Two levels of firmness
  • No odors

Our Ratings: 9.4/10

Layla is the top-rated especially if you’re on a budget; you get a two-sided bed (firm and soft) so all your problems will be magically solved.

Layla is a foam bed with infused copper that improves blood circulation; you will gain a double benefit if you have problems with arthritis or osteoarthritis.  Copper is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics which is a good choice for improvement of your immune system and bloodstream (it also emits antioxidants).

Thanks to the copper your mattress will always provide you with a cool feeling (on both sides).

No matter what side you pick, you will always have enough comfort and support. Both sides have good edge support. When comes to motion transfer, we can say that the firm side is much better than the soft one.

The company offers a lifetime warranty. Click here to learn more about Layla

Our Final Thoughts

Couples need a stable, comfortable and supportive mattress that will meet the needs of both sleepers.

Your mattress should provide both of you with excellent edge support and low motion transfer, but it should also be firm (or soft) enough so it can be suitable for a comfortable rest.

We have picked several great options and put our focus on some important features such as materials, positions, size, cost, sinkage and so on.

So now, you know which couple’s mattress is the best. This should be a place where the two of you will have a pleasant rest, undisturbed intimacy and comfortable nights.

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