Full Review of Layla Mattress for 2021 (Layla Mattress Coupon Available)

The idea behind Layla was based on comfort, simplicity, and ease of use. Of course, the result is more than impressive as it features a high-end product, with lots of qualities, and a price that’s affordable for almost anyone. Be sure to grab our exclusive Layla mattress coupon below.

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Besides being a low-maintenance product, Layla is the kind of bed that offers instant customization. The fact that on one side it’s soft and firm on the other shows a stroke of genius and years of experience with real-life customers.

To make sure their claims are true, we reviewed both sides of the mattress and below you can read a detailed account of our experience. There’s also the neatly wrapped version of the story waiting for you here.

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Layla Mattress is Right for You If

  • The idea of a 2-in-1 design sounds appealing – Layla is probably the only surface that provides such a simple solution to customization. Some product will give you the possibility to re-arrange the foam inside, but with Layla, you just have to flip it.
  • You want a hypoallergenic surface – Many customers favor a latex design (which is more expensive) just to avoid the creepy crawlies that tend to take residence in foam. With Layla, you don’t have to choose between your budget and your health! The copper infusions are extremely helpful in keeping your snooze surface clean.
  • You’re not into feeling hot during slumber – If summer nights are torture for you, this snooze surface will be most welcomed in your life! The copper in the foam and the special layers engineered to ventilate the air will keep you cool and dry all night long.
  • You want a bang for your buck – No one wants to spend a fortune on a low-quality product, but this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a fortune, you should expect to get a subpar design! The Layla comes with a bunch of impressive features and the price is extremely affordable.

Layla Bed is NOT Right for You If

  • You don’t like all-foam design mattresses – Even though the bed is a bit bouncy and supports your back, the inner-structure is all foam. So, if you’re into the sweet rocking of springs, you won’t find it here.
  • You have any allergic reactions to copper – If this is the case, the copper infusions in the Layla may be more harmful than helpful so make sure to discuss your choice with a health professional.
  • You want a 100% natural design – While Layla is a wonderful design, it doesn’t feature any natural materials. However, this is a matter of choice and personal preferences, rather than quality.

Our In-Depth Thoughts of Layers, Construction, and Materials

Since this is the only mattress that comes with two levels of firmness in one surface, its inner-structure is a most curious build. Taken from the soft surface and moving towards the side that’s firm; you will first be welcomed by a layer of memory foam infused with copper. This sheet has 3 inches in height and provides the sleeper with softness, plenty of contouring and a hypoallergenic surface.

The next on the list is a layer of convoluted Air-Flow-Foam that takes care of the cooling system. The foam is specially designed to allow air to move through the surface without any hindrance.

Next, there is the layer that serves as a base for both the soft and the firm side, with 4.5 inches of high-density foam. Also known as the core of the mattress, this layer provides support and a solid foundation for the entire bed. It’s also the one to keep motion transfer in check and ensure minimal bouncing.

The last layer is similar to the first, only thinner (just 1 inch) so when you flip the bed over, you’ll get less contouring and more support.

As you can see, the secret stands in simply adding another layer of memory foam infused with copper for the other side. This way, whenever you crave a less contouring design, you just flip it over and enjoy!

We have to admit it, this design is indeed ingenious, and the simplicity of the idea is absolutely stunning! Still, there is one more element we need to discuss, and that is the cover. Designed with a polyester, Lycra, and viscose blend, this fabric is woven with ThermoGel to help prevent and/or reduce any overheating. It’s also styled with an elegant pattern that makes you think of cool summer days and feels soft and luxurious to touch.

During the review, we noticed there is a difference between the fabric covering the soft side and the fabric on the other side. Also, while it can be removed (it has a zipper), you shouldn’t wash it, according to the manufacturer, the fabric only supports dry cleaning.

Firmness (Our Rating)

Firm Side – Firmness Level: 6.5/10

Soft Side – Firmness Level: 5.0/10

The soft side in the Layla is more of a medium-soft feel with plenty of contouring and some sinkage that creates a perfect sleeping surface for people who favor sleeping on their side. The firm side, on the other hand, is better fitted for back and stomach sleepers, as it provides less contouring and there’s almost no sinkage.

As we were getting used to the general feel while reviewing this flippable mattress, we also learned that the copper-infused memory foam is quite impressive. First of all, it is supportive because the copper cells react under pressure by creating a powerful bond that gives support where you need it most when your body sinks into the memory foam. Usually, these areas are the shoulders and hips, for side sleepers, or the butt and stomach for the other types of sleepers.

Another interesting property that copper brings is the ability to kill microbes, fungi, and bacteria that usually find a home in foam mattresses and create various health problems for the sleepers. In a way copper in your Layla acts as a barrier against nasty things that may be a threat to your health.

Finally, it seems that copper promotes health and wellness by releasing positive ions into the atmosphere around. While this is not based on science, we chose to believe as true, since we did enjoy our review time with Layla!

The Conclusion on Sleeping Cool

We turn our attention to the copper one more time as it is a highly-conductive metal (the second most, actually) and its presence in the viscoelastic is of paramount importance. Due to copper insertions, the heat in the surface is immediately driven away from the surface and into the egg-crate shaped layer, where the air is ventilated and cooled down. From there, it moves further away into the surface, and then out.

Both sides act the same as none will retain heat more than necessary. But, the cover also plays an active role in this, due to the ThermoGel built in it, and keeps your body cold as soon as you touch the bed.

Edge Support

Given that Layla is an all-foam design, you can expect some form of edge compression when you’re sitting on the edge. Still, the bed will hold its own when you’re sleeping and come closer to the edge. As long as your weight is evenly distributed by the mattress, you won’t feel like rolling out of bed when you get close to one of the sides.


  • Testing for 120 nights – It may take a couple of days to get used to the design, but Layla is available for 120 days (or nights) of testing in your home. This gives you the chance to go through several seasons with it and observe its behavior.
  • Delivery and return won’t cost a thing – The surface is delivered in a rectangular box, rolled up and compressed, and you don’t have to pay anything for it. Also, should you decide to send it back, you’re not to worry about transport fees.
  • Lifetime coverage – The company vows to cover the mattress while you remain the owner. This is definitely an impressive take on warranty!
  • Charity donations – Any mattress that is returned is donated to a local charity, and you get your money back.

Overview of Layla Mattress Review & Rating

9.5 Total Score
Dual Comfort

It may seem weird that a snooze surface would be able to successfully provide softness and firmness in the same product. However, Layla does so with grace and simplicity, which is quite exciting.

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There are two important and unique features we want to highlight when it comes to Layla mattresses. First, the copper-infused memory foam is absolutely monumental in the niche and provides an easy fix to a huge problem most all-foam manufacturers have been fighting for the past decade. Overheating is completely eliminated by infusing the foam with a conductive metal; easy and elegant, right?

Second, the dual firmness aspect is of paramount importance because it is another elegant solution to giving the sleepers exactly what they need. Many manufacturers dealt with this situation by creating the infamous one-size-fits-all surface, with medium firmness levels that don’t actually fit anyone. Others have created one product for each level of firmness, while others created something that can be customized, but the customer must invest some effort in it.

And here it is Layla, with the simplest solution possible: a flippable mattress!

Overall, the surface is comfortable, provides sinkage and support exactly where you need it, and keeps you cool and cozy regardless of the environmental temperature. It is a product we loved reviewing, and we recommend it to anyone looking for quality and good prices!

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