Our Detailed Review of Tulo Mattress for 2021 (Discount Available)

Tulo represents a fun, and simple brand that managed to promote the concept of beds rolled up in a rectangular package even further. Their mattresses are comfortable, easy to understand and install which make them a fantastic product for young families or couples. But their features recommend them for all types of sleepers and ages!

The manufacturer gives you the possibility to choose between three different firmness levels, but they also come with a different inner-structure that favors good ventilation and support.

To see if these promises follow expectations, we decided to review the Medium version of the Tulo sleeping surfaces and below you can read everything about it. We also have a summary for you, right here.

Tulo Mattress May Be Fantastic For You If

  • All-foam beds are your favorites – They are supportive but also soft and contouring, so it’s only natural to like the idea. Tulo is all about providing comfort and good back support, and it has three versions to accommodate any sleeping position.
  • You don’t like sweating during the night – If you tend to sleep hot, you may think that a foam surface is a wrong choice, but this sleeping surface has several systems in place to keep the sleeper dry and cool.
  • You’re not a fan of the one-size-fits-all approach – It’s only natural to want more than one option, and Tulo is on the same length as it offers three different versions of firmness.
  • You like the bed-in-a-box concept – It makes shopping easy, installation is a piece of pie, and you don’t have to deal with any salesman – what could be better?

Tulo Bed May NOT Be Fantastic For You If

  • You’re into springs more than foam – If you believe that a good sleeping surface must have springs, then this design may not be the perfect choice for you.
  • You want the slow movement of viscoelastic – On the other hand, this snooze surface is not traditional viscoelastic either as it is responsive as it is contouring.
  • You’re looking for a luxurious design – Given the incredible price tag, it’s clear that Tulo is not a luxurious sleeping surface. However, it doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of comfort and fantastic support for anyone who chooses this product.

Quick Look at Layers and the Overall Construction

Complete Construction of Mattress

According to Tulo, the difference is in the layers. And, even though there are three different levels of firmness, each version has four inner-layers:

  • First, we have the cover, which is a knitted Polyester and Tencel blended fabric for added softness and breathability. The pattern is quite nice and makes the surface feel amazing to touch. However, the cover is not removable so you’ll have to resume to spot-cleaning using warm, soapy water or steam cleaning.
  • Immediately under the cover, you will find a soft layer of memory foam. This one has the role to relieve any soreness and remove any possible pressure points. It is soft, breathable, and gives plenty of contouring for the body due to the innovative combination of HD Cool Flow memory foam and titanium particles.
  • To keep the surface well-ventilated, Tulo added an egg-crate shaped sheet of foam This provides support and ventilates the air that comes into the mattress while you’re sleeping.
  • Right beneath, there is a layer of responsive foam that works with the ones on top to relieve pressure and provide good back support. It’s also firm and has the role to reduce surface compression.
  • Finally, everything rests on a firm and solid layer of foam that acts as the base for the entire platform. This adds durability and gives you the opportunity to install the mattress on any flat, solid surface (Tulo isn’t fussy about this aspect).

Firmness Overview

We only reviewed the Medium Tulo, but we decided to allow you a full image of the Tulo product so we’ll also talk about the Soft and Firm versions for a bit.

But we also want to mention a design feature that differentiates the three versions: the splash of color. The design is quite simple as it features a white top and a dark bottom. Still, the line that separates the two basic colors is vivid and so is the label.

Well, this is also the way to differentiate the three versions by just looking at them as each one features a different color. The Soft version is orange, the Medium is pink, and the Firm is purple – pretty cool, right?

Soft – Firmness Level: 4.5/10

According to online reviews, the Soft Tulo is fantastic for people who enjoy sleeping on their side! The layer on top is thicker, so the mattress allows for more sinkage while also supporting the parts that need to stay in good alignment. Of course, if you’re not a side sleeper but prefer a softer surface, this level of firmness may be a good choice.

Medium – Firmness Level: 6/10

We reviewed the Medium Tulo version, and we were extremely satisfied with the results. But first, you should know that this version is highly appreciated and one of the best sold among the three because it targets a wider pool of sleepers.

Because the surface doesn’t give that much sinkage and it is more on the supportive side, it’s the perfect design for couples and people who don’t have a set sleeping position. It’s also great for stomach sleepers who enjoy a softer feel.

Firm – Firmness Level: 8/10

The Firm version of the Tulo, we would recommend to back and stomach sleepers. The surface has less sinkage and contouring and is mostly focused on keeping the sleeper on top of all the layers, rather than in the layers.

The Cooling Effects

Besides the breathable cover, there are two more factors that help keep the surface cool during the night, and these are the first two layers.

The sheet of high-density Cool Flow ventilated memory foam is blended with titanium particles which opens the foam cell structure and gives room for improved airflow from the top to the bottom. The second layer is the peak-and-valley format that circulates the air and cools it down.

Edge Support

Support Analysis Reviewed

Because this is an all-foam mattress, you will notice some compression when you sit on the edge. However, due to the solid base and the layer of firm foam right above it, the compression won’t go lower than the two first layers.

Overall, Tulo offers better edge support than most beds in this category and allows you to sleep comfortably on the entire surface.


  • 120 nights trial – You have four months to test your sleeping surface, which is more than most companies offer.
  • Can be experienced at Mattress Firm – If you don’t like purchasing a product you didn’t test first, go to the closest Mattress Firm and ask them to show you the Tulo version you want.
  • 10 years warranty – It covers manufacturing defects and anything else that is the result of a faulty manufacturing process.
  • Shipping and returns are free – The box is delivered to your doorstep and should you decide it’s not for you the product will be picked up for free.

Overview of Tulo Mattress Review & Rating

9.2 Total Score
Impressive Design

If you’re looking for a product that’s very well-priced but also offers a fantastic level of comfort and quality, Tulo should be the first on your list!

Materials / Quality
Support / Comfort
Cooling Effect
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Value / Cost / Price
Brand Warranty
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The bed-in-a-box culture is developing rapidly as it provides buyers with a simple shopping process and amazing prices. The Tulo brand is part of this culture, but they decided to improve upon the general idea of an all-foam design by changing the standard inner-structure.

To bring a bit of innovation in the niche and to make the sleeping experience of their clients a lot more enjoyable, they worked their magic with an improved viscoelastic and a combination of foams with different levels of density and shapes.

The result is contouring and supporting surface that keeps you cool at night and allows you to get that restorative, refreshing sleep you need. And you get all of these for the third of what you would pay in a brick and mortar store so we hope our review helped you!

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